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Public Administration Minor

Prepare for a career in public service or nonprofit leadership
  • +15%

    Job Outlook for Social & Community Service Managers 2020-30

  • Skills

    Minor Is Complement to Any Major & Will Teach You Skills to Succeed in Nonprofit & Private Sectors

  • 109

    Among Public National Universities, U.S. News & World Report

Find Your Career in:

Prepare to lead a nonprofit or organization in your community.

Coordinate community programs, manage finances and represent local interests.

Evaluate and meet the needs of your community by planning for land development, predicting growth and solving problems your citizens face.

Help your organization manage its finances and meet its goals.

Recruit and develop talent for your organization.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Understand public policy in government, nonprofit and corporate institutions

Learn management skills in public governance

Assess the needs of your organization and help your community

My favorite part of the program was the class discussions with my classmates and instructors. The content of the classes was so relevant and interesting, I was constantly learning.
Alumnus, ’21
Public Administration Minor Overview