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During commencement, a student wrapped in the Brazil flag gives someone a high five

Portuguese/Brazilian Studies Minor

Knowledge and Skills to Succeed in a Complex, Globalized World
  • 30%

    UNCW Portuguese Students are Heritage Language Learners, have Portuguese-speaking Friends, Have Been to Brazil or Portugal, Practice Soccer or Jiu Jitsu & Love Brazilian Music

  • 15+

    UNCW Study Abroad Opportunities in Brazil & Portugal

  • 300+

    National & International Scholarships to Study Portuguese and other majors in Brazil & Portugal

Prepare for careers in:

Portuguese-speakers find jobs as environmental engineers, wildlife guides and social responsibility specialists and in sustainability service.

The minor prepares students for roles such as customer support representatives, account executives and marketing strategy managers.

Portuguese minors work in cloud computing, digital distribution, web design and social media, in the U.S. and abroad.

Portuguese speakers are needed in national and international organizations, including the World Bank, United Nations, consulates and CIA.

The minor prepares students to work in academia and tutoring, and in private and public offices as writers, editors, and translators.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Speak a global language with novice fluency and communicative aptitude

Discover diverse cultures, in films, literature, music and other art forms

Express yourself: Learn sentence structure, idioms and catchy phrases to connect in Portuguese

Broaden your view: Study the Portuguese world’s geographies, histories, politics and societies

Engage in experiential learning: Live in one of the world’s Portuguese communities

I was astonished with the practicality of Portuguese. It has not only helped me expand my professional and academic ambitions − coaching and studying at a Portuguese university − it has enhanced my social aptitude.
Imari Nkenge-Hinds ‘13
Imari Nkenge-Hinds ‘13
Portuguese-Brazilian Studies Minor Program Overview