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Student recording music on ipad for music production class

Popular Music Minor

Our Alumni Have Careers As:

Music producers often work in studio settings, create and perform original music in Digital Audio Workstation environments for today’s music consumers on streaming platforms.

Writing and creating music makes up much of the popular music industry, from live performances to studio writing sessions. A singer/songwriter career can take many pathways including writing movie/game music, commercial and/or show music, theatre productions, and more.
Sound engineers are often found in the music industry either in a recording studio for mixing and mastering tracks or on the road as a live sound engineer for performing groups the travel the country for live performances! Sound engineers provide critical expertise for mixing and mastering popular music.
A growing need for music teachers exists in North Carolina and around the country! Music teachers spend their time with students who desire to learn popular music. Teachers are an invaluable and important role in the development of musicians’ skills for participating in music as teachers shape and motivate their students to perform music.
program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Develop musicianship skills on ukulele, guitar, digital technology, drum set, voice and keyboard

Understand songwriting and composition approaches in popular music using digital audio workstation technology from the music industry

Perform music within collaborative ensemble experiences that enhance communication, musicianship and ear-based music making

Popular Music Minor Overview