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Two students participate in a mock examination

Medical Humanities Minor

Understand Health Care From a Humanities Perspective
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    Interdisciplinary Program Brings Together the Humanities & Social Sciences to Address Medical Education Needs & Patient Care

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    Among Public National Universities, U.S. News & World Report

Find Your Career in:

The minor will prepare you to provide humanistic health care.

The minor will help you understand insurance, physician and hospital services, private and public financing of care and regulation of the health care marketplace.

Learn to address critical issues such as poverty affecting populations including farmworkers, immigrants, the homeless, refugees and the working poor.

The minor will teach you how politics, institutions and culture inform and constrain health communication choices.

Understand the interaction of psychological phenomena with the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical disorders.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Understand the history of medicine

Explore health economics

Study the psychosocial and bio-cultural dimensions of environment, health and caregiving

Medical Humanities, Minor Program Overview