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Film Studies, B.A.

Create and Analyze Moving Images, Produce Research, and Make Art

Follow our alumni into film-related careers, including:

Gain experience overseeing a film’s production including coordinating writing, directing, editing, and financing.

Learn to guide actors and crew in fulfilling the artistic vision for a film.

Learn to write screenplays for film and television.

Practice collecting, editing, and creating sound effects and music for film and television.

AKA director of photography — make artistic and technical decisions relation to capturing the image.

Establish the look and ambience for a film.

More than animation, these artists rely heavily on typography to bring titles, credits and other parts of the film to life.

Real-world experience in film and media publication, including book, journal, magazine and online outputs.
Work with curated historical collections connected to global motion pictures.
Curate and promote media content for public-facing screening and cultural events.
program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Sharpen your critical eye

Gain pre-production, production, & post-production skills

Expand your knowledge of film history and aesthetics

Apply your learning in professional contexts

There’s so much freedom with what we can do here. We can do things traditionally or we can be innovative. Everyone’s so willing to work with us on how to best create a product that adds to film history and to film as a discipline.
Anya Williams Film Studies alumna
Film Studies Program Overview
Student using camera

Learn Film from Every Angle

The Place to Launch Your Vision

The new film studies production space offers students hands-on training in digital cinematography, digital editing, sound recording, design and mixing and the ability to screen their own work.

Exterior image of the film studies building

Visions Film Festival & Conference

The international Visions Film Festival & Conference offers a unique opportunity for passionate film students to indulge in an environment full of artistic expression and showcase their own work.

panel of film students from various colleges and what their films were nominated for

Juried Student Screening

Students start making movies as soon as they become film studies majors. More than 500 motion picture projects and exercises are produced annually, and each semester culminates with a juried student screening.

Students work a camera while another student sits on a couch in the frame