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An artist working on a Black Lives Matter campus artwork

Social Work, MSW

Assist Individuals, Families, Groups, and Communities
  • CSWE

    Accredited By The Council On Social Work Education

  • 2

    Tracks − Clinical And Macro

Master of Social Work Program Overview
program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Identify as a professional social worker and complete a professional internship in clinical practice while utilizing clinical supervision and consultation appropriately

Apply social work values and ethical principles to guide professional clinical practice

Apply critical thinking skills to inform and communicate professional judgments in clinical practice

Explore the needs and engage with diverse populations identifying the appropriate use of different clinical practice approaches

Advance human rights and explore social and economic justice to enhance resiliency of diverse populations

Find your career in:

Professionals work within the system to protect the safety and well-being of infants, children, teens, and families. (Source)

Run programs with inmates and ensure prisoners are ready to return to society upon their release from prison. (Source)

Work for the rights of others and work to obtain needed resources by convincing others of the legitimate needs and rights of members of society. (Source)

Help prepare future social workers. Develop and design curriculum plans to foster student learning, stimulate class discussions, and ensures student engagement. (Source)

Help run organizations that provide social services.

Work in support of their communities and those in need.

Assess new patients as they are admitted. Provide emotional support or counseling; develop and implement a patient's plan of care. Work with agencies or insurance companies to cover cost of treatment and medication.