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Respiratory therapy students view a model of a healthy set of lungs and an unhealthy set of lungs.

Respiratory Therapy, B.S.

Play a Critical Role in Patient Care
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Respiratory Therapy Program Overview

About Our Respiratory Therapy Program

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Synthesize information from interprofessional healthcare practice to provide effective care for diverse patient populations

Practice respiratory therapy in an interprofessional healthcare setting that promotes diversity and inclusion when caring for patients in a pluralistic society

Comprehend the impact of quality care on patient outcomes with compassion for the patient, family and caregivers

Deliver respiratory therapy safely in a healthcare setting that promotes patient autonomy, empowerment, and education

Find your career in:

Care for patients who have trouble breathing. (Source)

Prescribe therapies, including medications and medical device therapy and can refer patients to other specialists as needed to help a patient sleep. (Source)

Help people recover from serious conditions such as pneumonia, heart surgery, and lung failure. (Source)

Responsible for the planning, selection, organization, implementation, supervision, facilitation, and evaluation of the total learning experience of respiratory therapy students. (Source)

Set up and run respiratory tests on patients to check for lung diseases or disorders. (Source)

Set up and run respiratory tests on patients to check for lung diseases or disorders. (Source)

Students learn about Respiratory Therapy in the Simulation Lab

Are You a Registered Respiratory Therapist?

If so, grow your career with our Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy online degree advancement program! It promotes the understanding of advanced clinical concepts, leadership, and evidence-based practice that you can apply to disease management strategies for patients within your organization.