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A student smiles for the camera during a pause from working in a lab

Clinical Research Minor

Explore Clinical Research Fundamentals
  • Pairs

    Well With Health And Life Sciences And Business Administration Majors

  • 18-19


Clinical Research Minor Program Overview
program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn TO

Discuss the foundational elements of clinical research methodologies described in study protocols with emphasis on study design, ethical aspects, operational aspects and regulatory compliance

Explain scientific and regulatory concepts related to the development, design, and analysis of clinical studies for biopharmaceutical and medical device product development

Discuss clinical study operations in the context of good clinical practice and other relevant guidelines and regulations

Describe the collection, flow, and management of data through a clinical study and the role of statistics and informatics

Alumni work as:

Clinical research coordinators work under clinical research managers and are tasked with administering clinical trials.

Clinical research associates are health care professionals who perform medical research, run clinical trials to test drugs for their effectiveness and confirm that they are safe to put on the market for consumers.