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Dean's Office

Dean Dr. Van O. Dempsey III 910.962.3354
Executive Assistant Ms. Natalie Lucero  910.962.3354
Business Officer Ms. Joy Childs 910.962.2740
Business Service Coordinator Ms. Lisa Hunt 910.962.3179
Administrative Support Specialist Ms. Diane Lane 910.962.4172
Administrative Associate Mr. Jimmy Parker  910.962.3192
Administrative Associate Ms. Wendy Moran  910.962.3913
Public Communications Specialist Ms. Susan Finley  910.962.2672

Office of Engagement, Professional Learning, and Scholarship

Associate Dean Dr. Candace Thompson  910.962.4174
Executive Assistant Ms. Kerri Fowler 910.962.7101
DC Virgo Operations Coordinator and Liaison Ms. Jodi Hebert 910.251.6150
Isaac Bear Early College Coordinator & Liaison Ms. Frances Williams 910.962.2095

Office of Academic Affairs, Program Support & Student Success

WCE contacts
Associate Dean Dr. Angela Housand 910.962.3361
Executive Assistant Ms. Vikki Hise   910.962.4142

Office of Assessment, Accreditation & Data Operations

Director of Program Assessment, Accreditation & Development Dr. Jaci Webb-Dempsey 910.962.2161
Technology Support Analyst Ms. Jessica Rivenbark 910.962.7115
Data Analyst Specialist Ms. Amy Carroll 910.962.4017

Academic Departments

Chair, Department of Educational Leadership Dr. Andy Ryder 910.962.7318
Chair, Department of Early Childhood, Elementary,
Middle, Literacy, and Special Education
Dr. Heidi Higgins 910.962.2674
Chair, Department of Instructional Technology,
Foundations, and Secondary Education
Dr. Amy Moody  910.962.2579

Student Success Center & Recruiting Team

Director Dr. Keryn Vickers 910.962.3912
Academic Advisor Ms. Grace Burmester  910.962.7357
Academic Advisor Ms. Sara Fowler  910.962.7348
Academic Advisor Ms. Jelene Grace  910.962.2291
Academic Advisor Ms. Tonnia Rodriguez  910.962.2472
Recruitment Specialist Mr. Dean Heath 910.962.3912

Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Interim Director Dr. Heddy Clark  910.962.3639
Administrative Associate Ms. Gianna Geiss 910.962.3287
Program Associate Ms. Michelle Hafey  910.962.3168

Curriculum Materials Center

Coordinator Ms. Kathryn Batten 910.962.2856
Library Specialist Ms. Tonia McKoy 910.962.2856

Education Laboratory

Director Dr. Brian Brinkley 910.962.3731
Administrative Associate Ms. M.J. Giammaria 910.962.3633
Coach Ms. Courtney Townsend 910.962.3363
Lecturer Dr. Traci Bellas 910.962.3363

Education Technology Unit

Director Dr. Jeff Ertzberger 910.962.7670
Technology Liaison Ms. Tracy Pena 910.962.7615
Senior Web Developer Ms. Kristine Adams 910.962.3363
Technology Support Analyst Mr. Brian Powell 910.962.4357
Instructional Designer Ms. Tammy Clark 910.962.7938
Educational Technology Specialist Ms. Amber Colon  910.962.0518

PDS University-School Partnership

Director Ms. Somer Lewis 910.962.7244
Assistant Director Ms. Jennifer Knight 910.962.4246
PDS Program Associate Ms. Misty Cayton  910.962.4173
New Teacher Support Lead Instructional Coach Ms. Lori Best 
New Teacher Support Instructional Coach Ms. Rachel Greer  910.962.7281

Professional Experiences

Director Ms. Cindy Wiseman 910.962.3360
Field Experiences Coordinator Ms. Stephanie Glowa 910.962.3086
Licensure and Internship Coordinator Ms. Logan McKnight 910.962.2796
Coordinator of Out of Area Placements and Lateral Entry Teachers Ms. Nicole Geczi 910.962.3561


Assistant Director Ms. Erin Moran  910.962.2640
Marine Quest School Program Coordinator Mr. Harris Muhlstein 910.962.2640
Budget Manager Ms. Kimberly Cockrell 910.962.3971
Marine Quest Program Assistant Ms. Morgan O'Connell  910.962.2992
PreK-12 Coastal Engineering Associate Mr. Chris O'Connor  910.962.7783
Registration, Marketing & Communications Associate Ms. Carly Norman  910.962.2939