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Alfred and Anita Schnog Travel Award

My Schnog Paris trip was transformative. Honestly, I probably never would have gotten to go there without this award.
Kris Rafferty

Schnog Travel Award


Past Recipients and Funded Research Projects

Rebecca Malzer (History M.A. program) “Austria’s Nazi Past and Complicity in the Holocaust”

Alec Ott (History major) “The policies of Jozef Tiso, leader of the Slovak Nazi satellite state, on the Slovak Jewish community”

Isabella Thomas (History major) “A Comparison of Holocaust Memorials in the American South and the American North”

Katelyn Bright (History M.A. program) “Holocaust Memorialization: Interpretations of Resistance at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yad Vashem”

Skye Dlugy-Hegwer, (Art & Art History major) “Reverberation of the Holocaust in Soviet Jewish Art”

Lauren Jenkins (History major with minor in Philosophy & Religion) “The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Culture in Prague, Czechia”

June White (International Studies major) “Nazi Medical Experimentation and the Impact of the Nuremburg Code on Modern Medical Ethics”

Madison Stringfellow (Public and International Affairs major) - travel to Belgrade, Serbia to study Yugoslavia's endurance of WWII and the Holocaust; "Lost Stories of Belgrade"

Thomas McCallister (History major)

Hannah Thompson (Social Work major)

Kris Rafferty (English major) - travel to Paris to study the Holocaust

Kevin Gallagher (History major) - travel to Greece to study the impact of the Holocaust on the Jewish communities of Athens, Ionnina, and Thessaloniki; "La Madre de Israel"

Robert Murphy (History major) - travel to New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston and Holocaust Memorial Park in NYC; "Holocaust Memorials: Creating a Bridge to the Past"

Kathryn Fulton (History major)

Jacob Lamonsoff (History major)

Stephanie Taylor (History major) - archival research on women forced into prostitution in the Nazi concentration camps of Westerbork, Ravensbruck, and Auschwitz-Birkenau

Lynn Rawls (History major) - travel to sites in Warsaw and Krakow to examine how the Nazi genocide is commemorated in Poland today and the controversy that has surrounded it

Emma Cowen (French major) - travel to Lyon, France, investigating the French Resistance during World War II