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Distinguished Faculty Scholar

Award Details

The following criteria are intended to encompass various aspects of scholarship, research, and artistic achievement at undergraduate and/or graduate levels across the University. Nominees should describe their scholarship in all of the following applicable areas:

  • Focused scholarly, research, creative agenda
  • Experience convening conferences, editing or reviewing submissions for journals or other publications, and evaluating grant applications for professional or academic organizations
  • Established record of internal and external grant funding
  • Established record of collaborative research
  • Integration of research into undergraduate and graduate courses and curriculum
  • Guidance of students in thesis work, honor's projects, or other research related activities
  • National and/or international peer recognition of scholarly contributions
  • Innovative and/or original scholarly, research, creative contributions
  • Demonstrated applications of research to benefit society

A. Any faculty member may nominate any other faculty member via a letter to the Provost's office, stating the basis for his/her nomination based on the following requirements:

  1. Full (tenured) professor with five or more years of service at UNCW
  2. No faculty member is eligible to receive this award more than once
  3. Deadline for nominations is November 1 (or the next business day if November 1 falls on a weekend.)
  4. To be considered for this award, nominees must submit a portfolio of their supporting materials to the Provost's office no later than January 31 (or the next business day if January 31 falls on a weekend.)

B. By September 30, the Provost's office shall solicit nominations from all UNCW faculty members for the Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award by sending email communications and maintaining a web page with relevant information.

C. By November 10 (or by the next business day if November 10 falls on a weekend), the Provost's office shall notify nominees and instruct them to submit a portfolio for evaluation, should they wish to be considered for this award.

D. All UNCW faculty members who have met the requirements of II.A. above are eligible for nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.

E. All UNCW faculty are encouraged to nominate other faculty members, provided they have met the requirements of II.A. above, in letters stating the basis for the nomination. Nominations should be submitted to the Provost's office. The deadline for nominations is November 1, 2023.

F. During the months of February and March the Faculty Senate Research Committee shall review the nominees' portfolios and select up to two recipients.

G. The Faculty Senate Research Committee Chair will forward the name(s) of the award recipient(s) to the Provost's office no later than March 31 (or the next business day if March 31 falls on a weekend.)

H. Following receipt of the award decisions, the Provost's office may suggest any changes in, or improvement of, the criteria and procedures for the following award cycle.

Nominees who choose to be considered must submit an electronic portfolio of their material to the Provost's office for review by the Faculty Senate Research Committee. The portfolio should encompass material relevant to the "Criteria for Nomination and Selection." To facilitate the review process, the material must be presented in electronic form, in the following order and include:

  1. A copy of the nominee's resume or curriculum vitae
  2. A written statement of his/her creative or scholarly agenda
  3. A research narrative addressing the criteria for nomination and selection
  4. A selection of publications and/or scholarly products
  5. Evidence of national/international peer recognition