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Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award

Award Details

The following criteria are intended to encompass various aspects of teaching and teaching-related activities at undergraduate and graduate levels across the University.

  1. Teaching philosophy.
  2. Mastery of subject and pedagogical techniques.
  3. Leadership and initiative.
  4. Educational service to the department, college, and university.
  5. Educational service to the community, state, and profession.
  6. Participation in professional meetings and intra-campus and inter-campus activities that promote teaching excellence.
  7. Course and curriculum development at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  8. Guidance of students in thesis work, honors projects, research, internships, independent studies, and other teaching-related activities.
  9. Advising.
  10. Assisting students in career development and exploring job opportunities for students.
  11. Involvement with student organizations, clubs, honor societies, recruiting, and fundraising.
  12. Guidance of graduate students.
  13. Student perceptions of teaching.
  14. Peer observation and review.
  15. Previous reception of, or nomination for, teaching and advising awards and other recognition.
  16. Recognition as a faculty member who has had significant, positive impact on students' lives.

A. The Provost's office will initiate the recommendation process based on the following requirements:

  1. All nominees must be tenured faculty members who have been teaching in their respective area at UNCW for at least five years. These years need not be consecutive, but faculty who have recently held an administrative appointment or who have been away on re-assignment for more than one semester are encouraged to delay nomination until they can present student ratings of courses for at least three recent semesters.
  2. All nominees shall currently be teaching not less than half of the "normal teaching load" at UNCW. The Dean of each college/school shall determine and define "normal teaching load" for that college/school.
  3. No faculty member shall be eligible to receive this award more than once within five-year period.
  4. Those faculty members who are currently receiving a stipend for other UNCW teaching awards (the Distinguished Teaching Professorship Awards and the Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award) are not eligible.
  5. Faculty who are nominated for both the Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award and the Distinguished Teaching Professorship during the same year may submit a portfolio for consideration for one but not both of these awards.

B. The Provost's office shall notify faculty members and Deans about the criteria, the procedures for nomination, and the required supporting materials that nominees must submit for evaluation.

C. UNCW faculty members who have met the requirements of II.A above are eligible for nomination.

D. All College/School chairpersons, directors, faculty, staff, students and alumni are encouraged to nominate faculty members, provided they have met the requirements of II.A above, in letters stating the basis for the nomination. Nominations should be submitted to the Dean's office.

E. Nominees will be notified by the respective Dean's office, and those who wish to be considered must forward a portfolio of their materials to their respective Dean's office.

F. Eligible faculty members who wish to nominate themselves must submit a portfolio of their materials by the date specified.

G. The Dean's office in each college/school will appoint a selection committee(s) (preferably composed of previous recipients of the teaching awards) that represents their respective department. The most recent recipient(s) of the award will be a member of the selection committee.

H. The Dean's office will forward the name(s) of the award recipient(s) to the Provost's office no later than the date specified. As part of the report, the Dean's office may also suggest any changes in, or improvement of, the criteria and procedures.

Nominees who choose to be considered must submit a portfolio of their material for review by the selection committee. The portfolio should encompass, but is not limited to, material relevant to the "Criteria for Nomination and Selection." To facilitate the review process, the material must be presented in the following order and include:

  1. A copy of the nominee's resume or curriculum vitae.
  2. A written statement of teaching philosophy and methodology.
  3. A written statement of all other teaching-related activities.
  4. Copies of syllabi and other relevant course material.
  5. An official summary of student ratings of courses that have been evaluated over the previous three years.
  6. Copies of any available peer teaching evaluations.
  7. Any other supporting material deemed relevant by the nominee.