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Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching

Award Details

  1. Teaching philosophy.
  2. Mastery of subject and pedagogical techniques.
  3. Leadership and initiative.
  4. Educational service to the department, college, and university.
  5. Educational service to the community, state, and profession.
  6. Participation in professional meetings and intra-campus and inter-campus activities that promote teaching excellence.
  7. Course and curriculum development.
  8. Guidance of students in thesis, honors projects, research, and independent studies.
  9. Advising.
  10. Assisting students in career development and exploring job opportunities for students.
  11. Involvement with student organizations, clubs, honor societies, recruiting, and fundraising.
  12. Other teaching related activities.
  13. Student perceptions of teaching.
  14. Peer observation and review.
  15. Previous reception of, or nomination for, teaching and advising awards.
  16. Recognition as a faculty member who has had significant, positive impact on students' lives.
  17. Other recognitions.
  18. Overall presentation and documentation of materials.

A. The Provost's office will initiate the recommendation process based on the following requirements:

  1. All candidates must be tenured faculty members who have been teaching in their respective area at UNCW for at least seven years.
  2. All candidates shall currently be teaching not less than half of the "normal teaching load" of their respective college/school in the academic year in which they are recommended. The Dean of each college/school shall determine and define "normal teaching load" for that college/school.
  3. No faculty member will be eligible to receive this award more than once while teaching at any UNC institution.

B. All recipients of UNCW teaching awards (the Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards, the Distinguished Teaching Professorship Awards, and the Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award) are nominees provided they have met the above requirements.

The Provost's Office shall notify the recipients of UNCW teaching awards about the criteria and procedures for nomination.

In addition, the Provost's office will notify the Deans that they may recommend candidate(s) who have not previously received UNCW teaching awards as follows: four from the College of Arts and Sciences, one from the Cameron School of Business, one from the Watson College of Education, and one from the College of Health and Human Services.

The candidates recommended by the Deans must also meet the above requirements.

C. Nominees who wish to be considered must forward their materials to the Provost's office.

D. To select the recipient of the award, the Provost's office will appoint a selection committee consisting of five previous recipients of the Board of Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (preferably with two from the College of Arts and Sciences, one from the Cameron School of Business, one from the Watson College of Education, and one from the College of Health and Human Services).

The most recent recipient of the award will be a member of the selection committee and will become the chair of the committee in the subsequent year.

Until there is a sufficient number of recipients of the Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching, representing the Cameron School of Business, the Watson College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Health and Human Services, committee membership will consist of recipients of UNCW teaching awards.

If one of these four units is not represented by a UNCW teaching award recipient, the Provost may appoint a representative from the unit.

E. The committee should select three nominees for the Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching.

These three nominees should be forwarded to the Provost's office and the Chancellor's office. The Chancellor will make the final selection.

F. The Chancellor's office will submit the institution's selection, along with supporting evidence, to the President.

The Board of Governors Committee on Teaching Awards will review the documentation and recommend the name of the recipient to the Board of Governors. The documentation submitted in support of a nominee should include details of the nominee's achievement in and contributions to teaching.

Please submit an electronic portfolio, preferably a PDF or Word document on a flash drive, with a separate file for each of the items below.

  1. A statement of teaching philosophy and methodology,
  2. A statement of all other teaching-related activities,
  3. Copies of syllabi and other relevant course material,
  4. An official summary of student ratings of courses that have been evaluated over the previous two years,
  5. Copies of any available peer teaching evaluations,
  6. A copy of the nominee's resume or curriculum vitae,
  7. A minimum of three (3) letters of nomination or statements from colleagues, current and/or former students, department chairs, deans,
  8. Any other supporting material deemed relevant by the nominee.