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    • Satisfactory Academic Progress

      UNCW Catalogue Policy:

      An undergraduate is automatically placed on academic warning, if the undergraduate does not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

      • Satisfactory academic progress is generally defined as completing 67% of all attempted hours (excluding transfer hours) towards the completion of his or her degree program.  This is determined by dividing the number of credit hours successfully completed, defined as having earned a D- or better, by the total number of credit hours actually attempted.
      • When a student is placed on Insufficient Academic Progress, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange regular meetings with his or her academic advisor or department chair/director to consider specific academic intervention strategies.
      Students should refer to the Scholarship and Financial Aid (OSFA) section related to Policy on Return of Title IV Funds for information about how academic warning impacts financial aid eligibility.

      Advising Tips:

      • Review screen shot below
      • Explain Satisfactory Academic Progress to students and that is calculated by dividing the number of credit hours successfully completed by the total number of credit hours attempted
      • Clarify that the credits used to determine the Financial Aid SAP ratio may vary and the consequences for not meeting SAP for Financial Aid purposes have different repercussions
      • Earning passing grades (D- or better) increases percentage
      • There is no academic impact for Insufficient Academic Progress

      Screen Shots: 

      SAP Screen

      In SeaNet:
      Click on Faculty Services tab
      Click on Advisor Menu link
      Click on Fostering Undergraduate Student Success link
    • Tuition Surcharge

      UNCW Catalogue Policy:

      All new undergraduates seeking a baccalaureate degree at the University of North Carolina Wilmington will be subjected to a 50% tuition surcharge if they take more than 140 credit hours to complete a four-year degree program or more than 110% of the required credit hours to complete an officially designated five-year program. For details concerning counted credit hours, students subject to the surcharge, students exempt from the surcharge, and the way that the surcharge is calculated, see the preceding catalogue section on Expenses , subsection, Tuition Surcharge .


      Advising Tips:

      • Explain the Tuition Surcharge policy to the student.
      • Undergraduate credit hours to be counted for this requirement include:
        • All regular session degree creditable courses taken at UNCW including repeated courses, failed courses, withdrawals, and those dropped after the last date to add a course
        • Transfer credit hours accepted from other UNC institutions, NC community colleges and private and out of state colleges and universities
      • Undergraduate credit hours excluded from the policy
        • Those earned through the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or similar programs
        • Those earned through institutional advanced placement, course validation, credit earned through military training, courses take while in high school (early college, dual enrollment, etc.) or any similar procedure for awarding course credit.
        • Those earned though the summer session or degree-credit extension division at UNCW or at another UNC institution
      • In some cases, the calculator may not reflect all of your excluded hours. You may contact the Office of the Registrar if you have questions about excluded hours on your record.
      • Students can view their surcharge hours in SeaNet, then under Fostering Undergraduate Student Success
      • This “surcharge number” is calculated differently for those students with double majors (depending on major)
        • Student should contact Registrar with questions.

      Screen shots:

      Tuition Surcharge

      Log in to SeaNet Click Fostering Undergraduate Student success Scroll down to “Surcharge Applicable Hours”