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FLAC Process Roles

Hiring Official- Communicates (in writing) assignment information to FLAC Preparer.

FLAC Preparer- Enters and completes FLAC assignment on behalf of the Hiring Official, as per internal, system, and policy requirements.

A department's Administrative Assistant/Associate should act as the FLAC preparer for that department. If a department does not have an admin, this falls to either the Business Services Coordinator or Executive Assistant.

FLAC Manager- locks assignment in SeaNet signifying budget approval, that assignment is correct, and that additional authorizations were recieved as required; works with FLAC Administrator on troubleshooting and preparer training; Supports preparers in all FLAC related activities.

A department's Business Officer is the designated FLAC Manager for that dept. The department's Business Services Coordinator, when not in the FLAC Preparer role, can act as assisting FLAC Manager and support the dept preparers, however the Business Officer must be the one who locks the assignment.

Employee Paid in FLAC- Acknowledges entered assignment in SeaNet.

FLAC Administrator- AARM Personnel

Human Resources- Runs process which applies acknowledged assignments to Banner for payment; supports and works directly with FLAC Administrator on granting Banner FLAC access, system testing and SSRS reporting.

Obtaining and verifying information for entry from hiring official

Option 1: Hiring official or administrator assigning work communicates the assignment information to preparer in writing as per FLAC documentation requirements. This communication whether on paper or electronic must be kept on file for no less than one year after end of assignment.

Option 2: If information is conveyed verbally by Hiring Official, preparer can choose to print or email any of the following after the assignment is entered, and before it is locked by the FLAC Manager, for hiring official approval

  • the New Assignment Status SSRS report
  • the Download Employee Data report in SeaNet
  • an email template generated from the FLAC Unlocked Assignments SSRS report containing the appropriate assignment information

This approval must be kept on file within the department for no less than one year after end of assignment.

Authorization/approval timeline and Record retention

Supplemental payments must be entered and additional authorizations received (when required- see Additional Authorization Instructions) before the begin date of work or else a late explanation is required.

All additional authorizations (supervisor, Senior Associate Provost, grant officer- as required) must be obtained before the record is able to be locked and they must be kept on file within the department for no less than one year after end of assignment.