Academic Affairs

University College Advisory Committee


University College Advisory Committee
Name Department Term
Dr. Don Bushman, Chair English/University Studies 2022
Dr. Shawn Bingham Honors College, Sociology 2023
Ms. Tammy Bulger Communication Studies 2022
Dr. Yaw Chang Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Ulku Clark Business Analytics
Dr. Nathan Crowe History
Ms. Stephanie Crowe Randall Library 2023
Dr. Cara Gray Recreation Therapy 2022
Dr. Sarah Hallenbeck English 2023
Dr. Tracy Hargrove EEMLS 2023
Dr. David Houpt History 2022
Dr. Pamela Kelly SHAHS 2023
Dr. Erica Noles Psychology 2023
Dr. Elizabeth Rawitsch Film Studies 2023
Dr. Mark Spalding History 2022
Dr. Lisa Sprod Exercise Science
Ex-officio Non-voting:
Dr. Cynthia Demetriou, Associate Provost for Student Engagement, Enrollment & Retention
Dr. Christine Pesetski, Assistant Provost and Director of University College