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Task Force on Evaluating the Opportunity for a New College at UNCW

"In January 2022, the provost assembled this task force and charged us with evaluating the opportunity for establishing a new college at UNCW with a strategic focus in computing, technology and/or engineering. We are committed to adhering to a deliberative process for fulfilling this charge and working diligently, collaboratively and transparently as we complete this important work. We value your input and are committed to engaging the campus community early and often to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to inform our process and the final report we produce. Please review the information below to learn more about the task force, our charge and opportunities to engage us. We will update this information as we move forward over the next several months together."

– Dr. Chris Prentice, Task Force Chair

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What's Happening with the Task Force?

The task force is hard at work! Below is an initial timeline of phased work and the plan for key stakeholder communications and engagement.

Phased Approach

Phase 1:  Identify values and characteristics desired of a college at UNCW; establish knowledge base.

Phase 2:  Develop a framework for considering the establishment of a new college at UNCW.

Phase 3:  Use framework and data to evaluate the opportunity for establishing a new college of computing, technology and/or engineering at UNCW.

Phase 4:  Assemble task force report and submit to the provost.

Communications and Engagement

After consulting with the leaders of key stakeholder groups across campus, the task force developed the following engagement plan based on their recommendations:

  • Faculty: two faculty fora, Faculty Senate updates, survey
  • Staff: one staff forum, bi-weekly Staff Senate leadership meetings, survey
  • Students: monthly Student Government Association (SGA) discussions
  • Alumni: two notices in the alumni newsletter
  • All: virtual feedback and suggestions form, monthly update through provost's communiques

How Can You Engage with the Task Force?

Attend a Listening Forum

The task force chair continues to provide regular updates on the progress and work of the task force.

There are currently no forthcoming scheduled listening forum opportunities. Please consider sharing your input through the task force feedback form.

Information regarding the Spring 2022 forum opportunities was distributed to UNCW employee emails. The presentation materials can be found in Related Documents.

Contact Your Shared Governance Representative

The task force chair is meeting regularly with leadership in the following shared governance organizations: Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and Student Government Association (SGA) Academic Affairs Committee. The chair provides progress reports and collects constituent questions, feedback and/or concerns.

The task force encourages university faculty, staff and students to engage their shared governance representative as an additional avenue for providing input to inform the task force's work. 

Provide Feedback and Suggestions to the Task Force


Submit Questions

Please contact the Task Force Chair (Dr. Chris Prentice - or the Office of the Provost ( Questions and feedback may also be submitted through the task force feedback form.

More Information

To view additional details on the purpose and background for the creation of the Task Force on Evaluating the Opportunity for a New College at UNCW (previously called the Task Force on College Structure), visit the Related Documents section below.

The task force is comprised of 16 members. Dr. Chris Prentice serves as chair, and will lead and coordinate the task force in its operations throughout the period of work. Additionally, Dr. Prentice is the primary representative for the task force and will provide members of the campus community and the provost with regular updates regarding the progress of their work.

The time devoted to this work will be significant. It is anticipated to predominately occur during spring 2022 and continue into summer 2022.


Membership for the Task Force on on Evaluating the Opportunity for a New College at UNCW
Name Title Department, Unit, or Area
Dr. Burkhard Englert Department Chair Computer Science
Dr. Maria Espinosa-Hernandez  Professor Psychology
Dr. Angela Housand Associate Dean Watson College of Education
Dr. Stephen Kinsey Professor Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Christopher D. Lantz Associate Dean College of Health and Human Services
Dr. Lucas M. Layman Assistant Professor Computer Science
Dr. Joseph W. Long Associate Professor Physics and Physical Oceanography
Ms. Yvonne Marie Marsan Laboratories Manager Physics and Physical Oceanography
Dr. Kate B. Nooner Vice President of Faculty Senate Faculty Senate Steering
Dr. Toni B. Pence Associate Professor Computer Science
Dr. Christopher Prentice * Associate Professor Public and International Affairs
Dr. Narcisa Pricope Professor Earth and Ocean Sciences
Dr. Anirban Ray Associate Professor English
Dr. Ginger A. Rhodes Professor Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Donyell Roseboro Chief Diversity Officer Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Lisa Scribner Department Chair Cameron School of Business
* - Task Force Chair

Note from the Provost

"Our college structure is an integral component of our university. Thus, it is my sincere hope that this task force will pay close attention to feedback from across the entirety of our university and endeavor to provide comprehensive input that elevates and engages all surrounding conversations. Additionally, throughout the process, the task force may need to call upon specific members of the university community to provide subject matter expertise. The Office of the Provost is available to support the task force in identifying individuals who can provide the needed expertise upon request by the chair." - Provost James J. Winebrake

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