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International Programs Advisory Committee

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International Programs Advisory Committee
Name Department Term
Mr. Titus Adeleke Office of the Dean of Students 2020-2022
Dr. Omar Alzaghari School of Nursing (CHHS) 2020-2022
Dr. Amanda Boomershine World Languages and Cultures (CAS) 2021-2023
Dr. Raymond Burt World Languages and Cultures (CAS) 2020-2022
Dr. Cuixian Chen Mathematics and Statistics (CAS) 2021-2023
Dr. Barbara Diggle-Fox School of Nursing (CHHS) 2021-2023
Dr. Amy Garrett-Dikkers Educational Leadership (WCE) 2021-2023
Dr. Johannes Hattingh Mathematics and Statistics (CAS) 2021-2023
Dr. Athena Kolbe School of Social Work (CHHS) 2020-2022
Dr. Susanna Lopez-Legentil Biology and Marine Biology (CAS) 2021-2023
Dr. Xin Lu Mathematics and Statistics (CAS) 2021-2023
Dr. Jessica Magnus Management (CSB) 2020-2022
Dr. Julia Morris International Studies (CAS) 2020-2022
Dr. Sara Movahedazarhouligh EEMLSE (WCE) 2021-2023
Dr. Kerry Robinson Educational Leadership (WCE) 2021-2023
Dr. Andrew Ryder Educational Leadership (WCE) 2020-2022
Ms. Eva Scilppa Scientific Librarian 2021-2023
Dr. Wayland Tseh Exercise Science (CHHS) 2021-2023
Dr. Michael Turner World Languages and Cultures (CAS) 2021-2023
Dr. David Weber Communication Studies (CAS) 2020-2022
Ex-officio Non-voting:
Mr. Michael Wilhelm, Associate Vice Chancellor, International Programs
Dr. Kara Pike Inman, Director, Education Abroad
Dr. Jennifer Fernandez-Villa, Director, International Student and Scholar Services