Academic Affairs

Provost Committee: Honors Faculty Advisory Council


Honors Faculty Advisory Council
Approved by the Faculty Senate in March 1995
; revised October 2011

The Honors Faculty Advisory Council is comprised of 12 faculty members appointed by the Provost. Nominations are made to the Provost by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee which receives recommendations for members from the honors director based on preferences from faculty elicited by the annual Senate Committee Preference Survey. Nine members come from the College of Arts and Sciences, and one each from the College of Health and Human Services, Cameron School of Business and Watson College of Education. Ex-officio non-voting members are the honors director and associate director, director of University College, director of the Center for Faculty Leadership, director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, chair of Academic Standards, the Provost or representative, and the presidents of the Honors Scholars Association and Student Honors Advisory Council. Members serve staggered three year terms.

The Council assists and advises the director on issues of curriculum, recruitment and retention of students, scholarship awards, program evaluation, and other student concerns. Members of the Council serve as Honors liaisons to senior honors projects. Faculty interested in serving on the Council should inform the Faculty Senate, their dean, director, or department chair, or the honors director.