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CSURF Advisory Board


CSURF Advisory Board
Name Department Term
Dr. Candy Ashton Health & Applied Human Sciences 2018-2020
Dr.Michael Benedetti Earth & Ocean Sciences 2019-2021
Dr.Edward Caropreso IT, Foundations & Secondary Education 2018-2020
Dr. Tracy Chen Mathematics & Statistics 2018-2020
Dr. Lance Cummings English 2019-2021
Mr. Peter Fritzler Library
Dr. Cara Gray Health & Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Steven Hooker Educational Leadership
Dr. Michaela Howells Anthropology
Dr. Scott Juall World Languages & Cultures
Dr. Yeounsoo Kim Nursing 2019-2021
Dr.Susan Lopez-Legentil Biology & Marine Biology 2019-2021
Dr. Ricky Pond Psychology
Dr. Olga Trokhimenko World Languages & Cultures 2018-2020
Dr. Wayland Tseh Health & Applied Human Sciences 2017-2020
Dr. Yishi Wang Mathematics & Statistics 2019-2021
Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director, Honors Scholars College
Dr. Eva Mehl, Associate Director, Honors Scholars College
Dr. Diana Ashe, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership
Dr. Nathan Grove, Assistant Director of CSURF
Dr. Paul Townend, Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Stuart Borrett, Associate Provost for Research
Dr. James DeVita, Chair, Senate Research Committee
Dr. Jess Boersma, Director, ETEAL