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CSURF Advisory Board


CSURF Advisory Board
Name Department Term
Dr. William Alexander Anthropology 2022-2023
Dr. Michael Benedetti Earth & Ocean Sciences 2022-2023
Dr. Xuemei Chen Mathematics & Statistics 2022-2024
Dr. Thomas Coombs Chemistry & Biochemistry 2022-2024
Dr. Lance Cummings English 2022-2023
Dr. Danielle Daidone World Languages & Cultures
Mr. Peter Fritzler Library
Dr. Heide Higgins Watson College of Education 2022-2023
Dr. Jonathan Kladder Music 2022-2024
Ms. Anne Lindberg Art & Art History 2022-2024
Dr. John Lothes CHHS / SHAHS 2022-2024
Dr. Xaver Neumeyer Cameron School of Business 2022-2024
Dr. Jeanne Persuit Communication Studies 2022-2023
Dr. Todd Peterson Psychology 2022-2023
Dr. Carole Van Camp Psychology 2022-2024
Dr. Yishi Wang Mathematics & Statistics 2022-2023
Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director, Honors Scholars College
Dr. Eva Mehl, Associate Director, Honors Scholars College
Dr. Jacquelyn Lee, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Nathan Grove, Director, CSURF
Dr. James DeVita, Director, High Impact Pathways
Dr. Stuart Borrett, Associate Provost, Research and Innovation
Dr. Carol McNulty, Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education and Faculty Affairs
Dr. Chris Finelli, Dean, Graduate School
(TBA), Chair, Faculty Senate Research Committee