Academic Affairs

Provost Committee: International Programs Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The primary function of the International Programs Advisory Committee is to advise, influence and endorse policies, procedures and strategic plans pertaining to the activities of the Office of International Programs and strategic goals of internationalization of UNCW.

Selection of Members

The membership will consist of faculty and appointees from the Dean of Students Office. Members will be appointed by the Assistant Provost for International Programs using the annual Committee Preference Survey as a roster of potential members, as well as consultation with deans from the Graduate School, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Watson College of Education, the Cameron School of Business, and the College of Health and Human Services, the University Librarian, and the Office of the Dean of Students.

Membership Distribution

Arts & Sciences: 4, plus 1 dean's appointee
Watson College: 3, plus 1 dean's appointee
College of Health and Human Services: 3, plus 1 dean's appointee
Cameron School: 3, plus 1 dean's appointee
Graduate School: 1
Dean of Students: 1
University Library: 1


Members will serve a two-year term staggered so that approximately half the membership will change each year.

Committee Chair

The AP for International Programs organizes and conducts meetings and is a non-voting member of the committee.


The committee will meet a minimum of 4 times per year (at least twice each semester).


  • Review all Faculty International Travel Grant Applications and make recommendations to the AP for International Programs.
  • Review proposals for faculty-led study abroad programs and make recommendations to the Office of International Programs.
  • Participate in strategic planning with regard to UNCW's goal to graduate global citizens.
  • Review and advise the Office of International Programs regarding the establishment of international memoranda of understanding and partnerships.
  • Advise the Office of International Programs on community outreach efforts and fundraising.
  • Promote internationalization of the curriculum and the efforts of the college and of the school.
  • Review and advise OIP on recruiting strategies of international students and scholars.
  • Serve as an informal liaison between OIP and the various university constituencies.
  • Review and recommend policies to the Provost, Faculty Senate or other university offices related to internationalization.