Who is eligible?

The primary author or authors must be undergraduates at a 2 or 4 year college or university in the state of North Carolina working on original research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Works may be co-authored. Students at NCSSM are also eligible.

What to Submit?

We are seeking research papers, critical essays (literature/research reviews, articles written on a particular topic), or media submissions of performing/fine arts endeavors. Text of papers may be no more than 6000 words.

The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities for the State of North Carolina will provide opportunities for a variety of text and media submissions in the following disciplines:

Biological, Earth, and Physical Sciences | Business and Legal | Creative Writing and Discourse | Humanities | Mathematics | Performing Arts | Social Sciences | Technology and Engineering | Visual Arts and Design

How to Submit?

Forms for submission

Please see the most recent volume of Explorations for additional specific guidelines for paper preparation. These are at the end of the volume.

All submissions will be accepted electronically. Be sure your submission is rewriteable so the editorial staff can format accepted submissions for publication. The manuscript must be in Word- doc or docx. Tables should be created in Word and appended to the paper in a separate file. Figures should be submitted in Excel or as a JPG (separate files); note do not use color. Images should be in JPG high resolution (300 dpi) and do not use color. (Explorations is not printed in color.) Append ORIGINAL images to your paper. Do not embed in the paper. It is CRITICAL that the images are originals.

  1. Complete your entry. Download and fill out Student Identification Form and Additional Co-Author Sheet, if necessary.
  2. Discuss your entry with your faculty supervisor/mentor. Be sure to send your Student Identification From to your mentor.
  3. We ask that Faculty Mentors, not students, submit all materials, including the Faculty Mentor Form by due date.
  4. All submissions will be accepted electronically. Please attach your complete and finalized submission, and all additional forms, to an email addressed to csurf@uncw.edu (please be sure to type Explorations and your name in the subject line of the email).
  5. The Editor-in-Chief and staff of Explorations will select submissions eligible for publication, after an independent review by the editorial board and ad hoc reviewers.
  6. Both students and faculty mentors will be notified of the status of the review in August. Be sure that your contact information includes contact info for August-October. We will need you to be available for revisions.
  7. Current undergrads and recent graduates (only if graduated during the past academic year) are eligible to submit.
  8. Publication date for Explorations will be November each year.
  9. Style: You can use whatever formatting style is appropriate for your discipline- e.g., MLA, APA, etc. Be sure your paper conforms to the style guidelines.

Suggestions for Success:

  1. Make sure author's name is on everything!
    - SIF (Student Identification Form)
    - FMF (Faculty Mentor Form)
    - Submission
    - Title of Email
    - Body of Email
    - Any additional correspondence
  2. Use author's initials and submission title as the title of your paper and/or any other attachments – this way everything can be easily identified.

    Ex: KAW – Tyrannical Bosses.doc
    Ex: KAW – Student Identification Form
    Ex: KAW – Faculty Mentor Form

Turn in your forms with your submission. Don't forget the SIF and FMF must be signed. If items need to be sent separately, i.e. via email and post, please indicate how each item should be expected.

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