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ePortfolio Tips

Technical Tips:

  1. Email Digication Support: 

  2. When naming your ePportfolio, use your first and last name with no spaces (i.e. janedoe)

  3. Use Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari and Explorer do not work with this system. Download Chrome

  4. Delete means forever deleted. Do not delete your ePortfolio unless you absolutely know you want to start over

  5. There is no "undo" option - no control z

  6. Everything is saved automatically - every move, every upload...everything

  7. Keep your ePortfolio private when publishing, but share with your instructor. You do not have to publish along the way - remember, everything is saved automatically

  8. While editing, keep your content background visable. If you want to make it transparent, do that at the end before you publish

  9. When resizing images, text boxes or documents, click on the lower right corner and resize from left to right. If your file is on the right side of the content area, you need to move it left, then you can resize

  10. When adding a file or image to your slide, be sure you click on the slide background first so you don't accidentally add it to the wrong section / slideclick on correct slide to add content

  11. Under My Portfolios, click on the menu and check "viewer" - this will allow your intstructor to view your ePortfolio 

check viewer under menu

Image Tips:

  1. Incorporate images that have a purpose and connect to your content

  2. Make sure images are professional - ones you can share with your grandmother

  3. Background slide image should be landscape view and minimum of 900 pixels wide. If image is too small, it will create a tile effect background. If image is too large, you won't see the entire image.

  4. If you have a background slide image, make sure your content background is a solid color or transparent

  5. You can find free large background images at Unsplash

  6. Upload one image at a time using the Upload File icon in Digication. Resize it and move it before adding more images

  7. Be sure to go to Settings for each image to set it to "full image" or "best fit"

  8. If you use images found in Google, be sure to use ones labeled for reuse under the tools link

Google images tools labeled for reuse

Additional Tips:

  1. Check and recheck your grammar and spelling

  2. Be clear and concise

  3. Keep it simple and not overwhelming

  4. Make it unique to you

  5. Remember, you can upload videos, PowerPoints and Word documents - it will not take GoogleDocs or Pages. If you use these systems, save your document as a PDF and then upload file.

  6. If you resize your text, it all resizes relative to each other - you cannot resize one line in a text box unless you make it a heading

  7. You are limited to the fonts offered through Digication; You cannot upload new fonts

  8. You can publish all pages at one time

  9. When adding a new page or new slide to a current page, the slide appears white in color and narrow - you may want to change the settings immediately to a color so you can see it better