CARE Program Pictures

Fall Events

Comic Cons at BACCHUS    Presenting

      Comic Cons Presentation at BACCHUS                  Got Consent Presenation at BACCHUS                                   

BACCHUS Fall 2017    Peers at BACCHUS

                         Caitlin Annas, Chelsea Niemann and Mattie Ocker at BACCHUS

Take Back The Night     Make A T-Shirt Night

                 Take Back the Night                                                    Make A T-Shirt Night

DV Rock Painting     Hands Are For Tabling

    Painting the Rock for DV Awareness Month                      Tabling Event-Hands Are For

          Hands Are For

                                                                 Hands Are For-Banner

          Kindness Week-Chalking

                                                               Kindness Week Chalking

Kindness Week-Beach Clean     Puzzle Pieces for Peace

           Kindness Week Beach Sweep                                         Puzzle Pieces for Peace

Picking Cotton

Picking Cotton: Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton

Spring Events

Take A Stand Shirt    Make A T-Shirt Night

                           Take A Stand                                                   Make a T-Shirt Night 

Clothesline Campaign    Clothesline Campaign

                                                              2017 Clothesline Campaign

My Stand Mentor     NC WAVE

     My Stand Mentor Trainings and Meetings                         NC WAVE Conference 2018

Peers    Peers

                                             Spring 2018 Peer Educators and Coordinators