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Engineering Expectations is designed to hook kids on engineering by engaging them in creative thinking and out-of-the-box problem solving. Our programs are project driven and highlight the engineering design process. We offer summer camps that explore different engineering disciplines, including aerospace, chemical, civil, and mechanical. If you aren't sure which discipline is for you, then try Engineering Explorations. We also offer novel programs such as biomimicry that feature nature as an engineer. We even provide young people with an opportunity to engineer history by recreating some of the amazing designs of man’s past. If the future is more to your liking, we also offer robotics. And we have an engineering leadership academy for girls. Once summer is over you can continue engineering with us on Saturdays.

Registration Now Open For Spring 2015!

Saturday programs for Spring Semester:

Join us for a Saturday filled with engineering excitement.

Programs will be held in the Natural Science Trailer. Please see grid 3C on the campus map.

Engineering Explorations Programs (ages 6-7, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.)

Engineering Explorations Program (ages 8-9, 1:30 - 4:30 pm)

Engineering Expectations Programs (ages 10-13, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.)

Liability waiver for Saturday Morning Engineering Programs

Engineering Explorations (ages 6-7 & 8-9) $90 for series

  • January 17 - Blizzard of the Blue Moon
    Travel to 1930s New York City in the heart of winter. Help Jack and Annie engineer a snow plow to clear the streets. Engineering principle - simple machines, wedge.
  • February 14 - Vacation Under the Volcano
    Travel to ancient Pompeii where Mount Etna is about to blow. Help Jack and Annie engineer a way to divert the flowing lava. Create a volcano. Engineering principle - barricades.
  • March 14 - Twister on Tuesday
    Travel to the American prairie during the peak of tornado season. Help Jack and Annie engineer a tornado proof shelter. Create a tornado. Engineering principle - wind pressure.
  • April 18 - Earthquake in the Early Morning
    Travel to San Francisco just in time for the "big one". Help Jack and Annie engineer an earthquake proof tower. Create a shake table top. Engineering principle - foundations.
  • May 16 - High Tide in Hawaii
    Travel to Hawaii with Jack and Annie to catch a wave - a really big wave. Help them engineer a special "ship" that can ride out a tidal wave. Create a tsunami. Engineering principle - waves. 

Engineering Expectations (ages 10-13) $95 for series

  • January 31 - Winter Blue
    Engineer a snow plow or other removal device to help clean sidewalks. Can you design a way to re-use the snow?
  • February 28 - Thar' She Blows
    Discover how the build up of gases can cause volcanoes to erupt. Use this same principle to engineer a stomp rocket.
  • March 28 - Wild Windy Weather
    Engineer an amusement park ride that can withstand high winds. Create your own roller coaster and test its wind resistance.
  • April 25 - What's Shaking?
    Engineer a tower that can withstand an earthquake. Create your own shaker table top to take home and use with your Lego buildings.
  • May 30 - Wall of Water
    Discover the destructive power of water. Learn how dams, dikes and levees work. Engineer a structure that can withstand a classroom tsunami. 

Get your mind in gear with Engineering Expectations!


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