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Engineering Expectations Invites You to Engage Your Mind!

Engineering Expectations is designed to hook kids on engineering by engaging them in creative thinking and out-of-the-box problem solving. Our programs are project driven and highlight the engineering design process. We offer programs that explore different engineering disciplines, including aerospace, chemical, civil, and mechanical.

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Saturday programs for Fall Semester:

Programs will be held in the Natural Science Trailer. Please see grid 3C on the campus map.

Please register for the correct age using the link below:

Liability waiver for Saturday Afternoon Engineering Programs

Engineering Explorations & Engineering Expectations

  • September 19 (ages 6-7; 8-9) & September 26 (ages 10-11; 12-14)
    Lift and Load - Design and engineer devices that help lift a heavy load
  • October 17 (ages 6-7; 8-9) & October 24 (ages 10-11; 12-14)
    Sound the Alarm - Engineer projects that incorporate an alarm into their design
  • November 14 (ages 6-7; 8-9) & November 21 (ages 10-11; 12-14)
    Uphill Battle - Design and engineer an assistive technology for a disability
  • December 12 (ages 6-7; 8-9 & ages 10-11; 12-14)
    When Reindeer Fly - Re-engineer a reindeer so that it can deliver an airborne package

Activites are age-differentiated for each group and encourage creative problem solving using the engineering design process.

In order to secure and maintain a quality and consistent corps of instructors, we offer the monthly programs as a semester package. If you are concerned that you will miss one of the programs, please note that we can package some of the activities with instructions for them to do at home. We can make these packets available to you the week after the program has taken place (you will need to pick them up from campus).

Get your mind in gear with Engineering Expectations!


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