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Engineering & Robotics Saturday Program!

Engineering Expectations Invites You to Engage Your Mind

 Thanks for your participation in our Spring 2017 Engineering Weekend Programs! We invite you to visit our Summer Enrichment page for more information about our upcoming programs! Please look for information about our Fall programs at the end of June.

Engineering Expectations is an innovative program at UNCW that teaches elementary and middle school students problem-solving skills by giving them unique engineering challenges to solve. Students not only learn science and engineering but also communication skills, creativity, optimism, collaborations, and tenacity. Through experiential learning, students take home the knowledge and confidence they gained through our program and sometimes even a small project they built themselves! Join us on Saturdays as your child gains skills through unique programs they can find nowhere else!

Our Spring 2017 Programs will be focused on introducing a different area of engineering each month to explore and focus the student's interests. Our participants apply their science and math knowledge to engineering problems to solve our fun challenges in a safe. educational, and enjoyable environment. By the end of the program, the students will be empowered to think like an engineer and solve problems in many disciplines of engineering with innovative solutions. 

Engineering Expectations encourage creative problem solving using the engineering design process. Each month will have a different theme that presents a unique problem to the students that they will use engineering to solve along with applying their science, technology, and mathematics knowledge.