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Project TECHNOcean

Beginning fall 2014 MarineQuest will be partnering with local middle schools to provide students with STEM experiential learning opportunities that promise to engage them with the marine environment. Aligned with national Ocean Literacy Principles and the North Carolina Essential Standards for Science, Project TECHNOcean proposes to use hands-on inquiry-based lessons, labs and field experiences to engage students with ocean monitoring, ocean exploration and ocean conservation. Participating students will practice authentic STEM skills associated with marine science research and data collection, and also become familiar with different technologies and equipment that is utilized to study the marine environment. Project TECHNOcean students will employ engineering design principles while working in teams to create model ROVs, wind turbines or buoys. Sixth graders will explore the interactions between the ocean and land, seventh graders will explore the relationship between the ocean and atmosphere, and eighth graders will immerse themselves in the study of the hydrosphere.


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