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Getting started with your personal or organization website

Personal web space is provided for faculty, staff and students on the uncwpeople (people.uncw.edu; faculty and staff) and uncwstudent (student.uncw.edu; students) web servers. Student organizations are also provided web space on the uncwstudent server (student.uncw.edu/org/).

Policies and resources regarding your personal website

Faculty & Staff Personal Website

  • All faculty/staff personal web pages reside on the PEOPLE Web server.

  • Send your request for a personal folder on the PEOPLE server to the Technology Assistance Center (TAC).

  • Faculty/staff folders will be located at \\www-people\www-docs\people\your-account-name

  • URLs will be http://people.uncw.edu/your-account-name/

  • How to upload files to your faculty/staff web folder

  • You are responsible for the design, content and maintenance of your personal website.

Student Personal Websites

  • Every student that has an active e-mail account already has a personal web folder on the STUDENT web server.

  • Directories are located at \\uncwstudent\WWW\your-account-name

  • The URL to your personal site is: http://student.uncw.edu/your-account-name/

  • How to upload files to your student web folder

Student Organization Websites

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