Web Publishing at UNCW

Official website publishing header with cascade of web pages

Website Requirements & Procedures

Official websites must adhere to the UNCW Web Style Guide (PDF), and content managers should use Adobe Contribute software to maintain their pages.

Getting Started

  1. In order to become a content manager of an official UNCW department website you must first complete the Web Content Manager and Editor training, which is offered online, and receive a score of 80% or higher. This training is required before you can be given the appropriate permissions.
  2. Next, your supervisor (director or chair) needs to send the following text (please input the employee's name, their uncw username, and the web URL prior to sending) to the TAC at tac@uncw.edu:
  3. Please give [employee's name], [UNCW username], read/write/delete privileges to the [web URL] on the UNCWWEB server. [Employee's name] has reviewed the Responsible Use of Electronic Resources and completed the Contribute Training in skillport with a score of at least 80%.

  4. Once the Web Support Team has verified your Contribute Training score, we will administer the appropriate permissions and send you a Contribute Key.
    Please note: A Contribute Key does not install Contribute on your computer, it only helps you set up a departmental website for editing.
  5. Click here if your department needs an Adobe contribute License. 
    Note: If needed you may contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) to have Adobe Contribute software installed on your computer.