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University Marquee

The UNCW marquee located on the front of campus (visible from S. College Road) is designed to market university-sponsored events and to provide informative and/or instructive communications to internal and external audiences. The UNCW Office of University Relations (UR) is responsible for maintaining marquee content and all requests must go through them.

Rules governing use of the UNCW marquee:

  • Only university programs, projects, events, partnerships etc. will be marketed via the marquee.
  • Individual faculty or staff members will not be promoted on the marquee.
  • Scheduled announcements may be pulled during an emergency.
  • Depending on current volume of requests for postings, it may be necessary to run multiple announcements during the same time period.  Current zoning restrictions require that each individual announcement remain up for a minimum of one minute.

Requesting a marquee posting:

  • Submit a request at least one week prior to the initial desired posting date.
  • UR will review requests for content before posting to the marquee. UR reserves the right to accept or reject any request(s) it deems inappropriate and/or edit submitted verbiage


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