TutorTrac for Writing Tutors

TutorTrac is the program that the ULC uses to track all student appointments. It takes some getting used to, but it is a fairly simple program.

  1. Students use TutorTrac to set their appointments with you. It's a good idea to learn how students set their appointments - you can help your tutees set future appointments at the end of your consultation!
  2. Students can only set appointments 24 hours in advance. That means you will be able to check your schedule for the next day after 9:30 pm. Also, once every evening, TutorTrac generates an e-mail with your appointments for the next day.


When you get to work, the first thing you need to do is LOG IN for work. Logging in tracks your hours, which is vital for payroll and tracking TA & internship hours.

Tutors LOG IN and OUT at the laptop in the Lobby, just like the students who use our services.

To LOG IN (also see this PDF with images):

Using TutorTrac for Writing Center Appointments

If you are scheduled for the Writing Center, once you are in your scheduled tutoring room you will need to sign into TutorTrac:

  1. Open a web browser (Firefox is preferred for TutorTrac) and open TutorTrac (there should be a link on the laptop desktop, or you can follow the link on our website).
  2. SIGN IN. Your Username is your last name and first initial (i.e. Jane Doe would be "doej"). We will tell you your password during Orientation.
  3. To see your schedule for the day, either click the 'Schedule' tab in the "TutorTrac Main Menu" box , or click on 'Schedule' in the small "Calendar" box on the left side of the screen.
  4. After a consultation, click on the appointment time to open the "Appointment Entry" window. When you do this, you will be on the "Appointment Info" tab. If your tutee has signed out of TutorTrac correctly, you should not have to do anything under this tab. BE SURE TO GIVE YOUR TUTEE TIME TO SIGN OUT! However, if your tutee has not signed out correctly, click in the Time Out box and, in the box that appears, change the duration to one hour (Change the highlighted 0 to 1 [00:00]). Click save.
  5. Click the 'Visit Info' tab and type up your session notes. DO NOT enter your session notes on the 'Appointment Info' tab - this is visible to students! For your session notes, you need to:
    • Briefly describe the quality of the draft the student has brought in.
    • Briefly explain what actually occurred during the session.
    • State what recommendations you made to the student.
    • And, if necessary, comment on the student’s attitude.
  6. After typing up your notes, click the ‘Save’ button and close the "Appointment Entry" window. Go get your next appointment.
  7. After your shift is over, exit out of TutorTrac and log off of the laptop (if yours is the last shift of the day, please shut down the laptop).

If you need to set your own tutoring appointment with another tutor (Writing Center, Learning Services, or Math Appointment), follow these instructions (PDF).

The Writing Center

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