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Your Role as an SI Leader

SI Leader Job Description

A Supplemental Instruction Leader (SIL) is primarily responsible for facilitating group mastery of course content and academic skills development for students enrolled in a specific course section. The SIL attends class along with the currently enrolled students, takes notes, work homework problems and other assignments, takes quizzes and exams, etc., just as the currently enrolled students do, but receives no grade. The SIL holds two to three regular weekly SI sessions open to all students enrolled in the supported section. Students can attend these sessions on a voluntary basis. At the SI sessions, the SIL facilitates planned group activities designed to increase content mastery and improve study strategies.

Minimum requirements to be an SIL:

  • Final grade no lower than a B (3.0) on record for course to be supported
  • Endorsement of current instructor for course section
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Demonstrated high interpersonal and communication skills
  • Complete application process, including interview with SI Coordinator
  • Ability to adhere to confidentiality requirements
  • Commitment to participate in all required SIL training

Preference will be given to applicants with CRLA or ATP tutor certification (any level) and/or a declared major in the discipline of the supported course.

SIL's are paid a stipend based on an average of 10 hours weekly over the 16-week semester, distributed as follows:

  • 3-4 hours of class attendance (varies by credit hour requirements for course)
  • 3 hours facilitation SI sessions
  • 3-4 hours preparation (to include conferencing with instructor and training workshops)

It is understood that the actual weekly hours may vary with academic holidays, scheduling of pre-exam review sessions, cancellation of sessions due to post-exam low attendance, etc., but that the average over the course of the semester is 10 hours weekly. The monthly stipend amount will not fluctuate with these changes.

The stipends are awarded per supported section and paid in four monthly installments.

SI Leader's Responsibilities

SI Leader Training Requirements for CRLA Level 1 Certification

Periodically throughout the semester, training workshops will be held to share skills and gain new skills via training videos, workbooks, activities, etc. SILs are expected to attend SIL training workshops.

  • The following outlines the minimum training requirements for all SI Leaders.
  • Tutor Certification* requirements are also listed.
  • All SI Leaders must engage in Level 1 certification training; after the first level of certification is complete, SI Leaders will have the option to continue toward Advanced and/or Master Certification.
  • This work is designed specifically to help you think about and develop your skills as a SI Leader.




Introduction to mission, policies, procedures, and requirements.

Must attend


Several workshops are scheduled throughout the semester. All are relevant to the work you do. Some may require preparation (reading or writing).

A schedule will be provided.

Must attend workshops over the course of two semesters.

(see Coordinator about time conflicts)

Participant Observation

Over the semester you will observe and/or assist other SI Leaders.

Must engage in two weeks of participant/observation.

Peer SI Leader Observation

Observe a fellow SIL during a session and write a description and critical analysis of the consultation on our blog. Can replace one weekly reflection.

Must conduct and write-up one peer tutor observation

Coordinator Observation & Conference

The Coordinator observes one session and meets with the SI Leader to review and discuss.

Must be observed by and meet with the Coordinator for tutor evaluation.

Final Project/Paper

Details and options for this paper will be presented later in the semester.


  • The Supplemental Instruction training program is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association ( CRLA is a member of CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) and is an internationally recognized tutor program certification association. Tutor certification is a way for you to heighten the prestige of your tutoring experience.

Create an Email Distribution List

During the first two weeks of classes, leading up to the first SI Session, you will compile an email distribution list of students from your supported course. You can compile this list by passing around a sheet during the first few classes, or by asking your instructors to copy you on a mass email to his/her class.

Weekly session reminders are average, but if you are experiencing low attendance, two emails per week should be sufficient. Be sure to make these emails personal. Encourage students to come. Let them know of the topics you will cover, the benefits, etc. Ask students to email you any suggestions or questions to cover in the next session. Be sure to put emphasis on exam weeks.

Weekly SI and Professor Meetings

At least once a week, SI Leaders will meet with the professor(s) they support to discuss upcoming class materials, quizzes, exams, etc. SI Leaders can use this time to provide the professor with valuable student feedback about concepts or material that is particularly troubling. This should be a two-way communication where the SIL also gleans learning techniques and experience from the professor.

Conduct SI Sessions

You are required to plan and conduct the necessary number of SI sessions per week and attend all lecture meetings of the class section you are supporting.

Promoting Your SI Sessions

You are your own marketing machine. Due to budget restraints and limited paper, we will only be able to print a limited amount of flyers. When given to you by the SI Coordinator, please post these near the classrooms. We might also ask you, at certain points throughout the semester, to distribute flyers to students on campus. You are in charge of promoting your SI Session and generating attendance.

SI Supervision

Periodically, the SI Coordinator will observe your session. New leaders and returning leaders will be observed periodically. The SI leader should be prepared to spend some time with the coordinator after the session for feedback and to go over the SI session observation form.

Peer Observations and Mentoring

SI Leaders are required to observe another leader's session at least once every two weeks and complete the SI Peer Observation form, which is to be returned to the SI Coordinator within 48 hours of the session.

Session Sign-In Sheets

As students arrive at an SI Session, remind them to sign in. Use your laptop or a notebook (recycled paper preferred) to record your attendance all semester. Be sure to write in the session date, time, and subject and course number. Create columns for students to write their name, ID number and Instructor. Remind any students at the session's end to sign the sheet. After each session or before noon the next day, you must email the attendance list to our office. This is an essential step as the attendance data is reported regularly to UNCW administration to substantiate the need for continued SI funding.