University Learning Center

Preparing for the Semester

Attendance Strategies

  • Distribute electronic reminder handouts to attend SI sessions throughout the term.
  • Offer sample tests in SI sessions with questions developed with the instructor. The instructor could make these available in class with the comment that they will only be discussed during SI.
  • Post anonymous quotations from students on how SI has helped or is helping. Include some of these with the SI handout on the first day of class.
  • Write the daily SI times and locations on the board during each class.
  • Allow for discussions between the class and the SI Coordinator when SI attendance is low.
  • Offer regular reminders from SI leaders in class on attending SI.
  • Offer something specific in SI sessions - a study skill, rules for problem solving, jeopardy, text review, etc.
  • Change SI times to accommodate the greatest number of students. Resurvey the class if necessary.
  • Offer "how to" electronic handouts on the most efficient/effective study skills.
  • Tell student lab instructors about SI and ask for their support.
  • Place an advertisement or announcement in the campus course booklet that identifies all courses to which SI will be attached. Again remember to include a short description of SI.

Planning and Conducting an SI Session