An Effective Learning Services Tutoring Session

Expectations of Tutees:

  1. Attendendance: Attend all scheduled appointments and come prepared as an engaged learner. Students who miss ULC appointments negatively affect our room availability and limit the number of tutoring hours available. See exact policy below.
  2. Cancel: If you need to cancel, it must be done 24 hours in advance: How to Make/Cancel Your Tutoring Appointment.
  3. Respect: Be respectful toward the tutors, the staff, and the ULC’s learning environment.

Loss of Tutoring Privileges:

Tutoring privileges can be lost due to any of the following actions:

  1. Not contacting the ULC 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments (will count as a "Missed Appointment")
  2. Missing an appointment and making no effort to contact the ULC (will count as a "No Show" =immediate removal)
  3. Repeated missed appointments or a pattern of cancellations
  4. Not engaging in the learning process or not coming prepared
  5. Not staying the majority of the session
  6. Disrespectful behavior toward tutors or ULC staff

Any of the above behaviors can result in a tutee’s immediate removal from recurring tutoring, and blocking of future appointments for the rest of the semester.  Notification of removal from tutoring will be sent via the student’s UNCW e-mail account.

Learning Services Attendance Policy

The ULC Attendance Policy is strictly observed. The Learning Services Coordinator is happy to meet with any student who has questions about this policy or who wants to appeal a removal. The following are consequences for missing Learning Services appointments:

A. Initial Appointment

If a tutee misses the initial appointment THEN any future appointments will be removed from that tutor's schedule by the next day.

    • Tutee is still eligible to make other appointments
    • Tutee is still eligible for Math Lab, Writing Lab, SI sessions

B. Recurring Appointments (The following concerns a tutee who has a recurring appointment with the same tutor)

C. All ULC appointments (The following concerns a tutee who has appointments scheduled with multiple ULC tutors)

Tutee's 3rd missed ULC appointment:

"Begin with the end in mind." -Stephen Covey

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