Video Tips for Film Festival For First-Year Students(F4)

5 Common mistakes made when shooting film and how to fix it (More examples coming soon)

Video Editing Options

To edit films, students have a variety of options available for free including:

1. Videos can be edited on any Apple computer in the back of the library using Final Cut Software or iMovie software.

2. Students can use Windows Movie Maker, which is a free download for PCs. The link is available here.

3. WeVideo is a free online video editor, so you can edit video anywhere you have internet connection. A free account is available on the website and students can connect with Google Drive for storage if needed.

Copyright Questions

When editing your film, please consider that these videos will possibly be shown to the world through the UNCW website. Anyone could be watching them, therefore we want you to consider these three options when choosing music.

1. There are lots of Creative Commons websites that allow you to use their music so long as you cite their name and the title of the song. For example, Incompetech is a great site to use. Your friends may be great musicians who would allow you to use their music free of charge. There are lots of independent bands available in the area and this is your chance to find an original track for your video.

2. Garageband offers free loops and songs you can use without having to cite it. Garageband is available for free on the Apple computers in the Library.

3. Launchpad App for iOS offers royalty-free music. See this article for more information:

4. If you must use a copyrighted song, please use a short segment. Please align the subject of the video with the music selected to maintain that the song can be distinguished as "fair use" under copyright law. If you have questions or concerns about the music, contact Zack Underwood at The best answer is to go with a Creative Commons or original song as opposed to the commercial songs if possible.


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