Early Registration Tutorial

Information for Special Programs &
Learning Communities 


When signing up for courses, athletes should sign up for UNI 101 as well University Studies courses. Questions regarding practice schedules, travel dates or class registration, please contact Melissa Lewis at lewisma@uncw.edu or 910-962-3001.

Learning Community Overview

Learning communities are a great opportunity available to all incoming first-year students. Each community focuses on different subjects and is a combination of multiple courses taken together with a group of the same students (for example, three courses taken by the same 25 students) or a combination of housing, including living together in the same residence hall as well as the common academic courses. Please read each description carefully to see which learning community is right for you. 

Athletic Training Learning Community 

The Athletic Training Learning Community is a non-residential learning community consisting of classes required to get into these competitive programs. There is not an application required, students interested should contact Maggie Bannon at bannonm@uncw.edu

If you are bringing in transfer credit or have taken or plan to take the AP or IB (Higher Level) exams for either BIO 201 or PSY 105, this community will not be an option.  If you are unsure if you might be in this situation or not, please feel free to contact Maggie Bannon to discuss further. 

The Athletic Training Community will include the following courses; BIO 201, PSY 105 and UNI 101. 

Cornerstone Learning Community 

The Cornerstone Learning Communities Program is a residential program (students must live in Cornerstone Hall to participate) where students usually take their learning community classes is the residential hall.  These learning communities are theme based and include three University Studies courses, one always being the First-Year Seminar.  These communities are appropriate for most majors.  http://www.uncw.edu/stuaff/housing/communities/cornerstone/interests.html

There is a formal application process (found at the bottom of the website above) and room is limited. Please contact Maggie Bannon for more information at bannonm@uncw.edu

ExCEL Learning Community 

Students can find out more information about ExCEL by clicking here: http://uncw.edu/uc/excel/

Applications are currently available (on the left navigation of the page above) and for more information contact Amy Hathcock at hathcocka@uncw.edu

Honors College

Students can learn how to apply at the Honors College website: http://www.uncw.edu/honors/admissions/application.html

Leadership and Service Learning Community

The Leadership and Service Learning Community is recommended for students who are interested in developing their leadership skills and giving back to the community. This program provides opportunities for personal growth and peer-to-peer connections. No previous leadership experience is required.

The Leadership and Service Learning Community has at its core a mission to inspire emerging leaders through active community service and civic engagement. Students participating in this program will be housed on the Hewlett Hall fourth floor and participate in one of two EDGE Freshmen Seminar courses (3 credit hours). This course is taught in the Graham-Hewlett classroom, the same building where students in the program live. Leadership and Service Learning Community participants cultivate their leadership skills by participating in one of UNCW's premier programs, Leadership UNCW, facilitated by the Center for Leadership Education & Service. Students gain leadership certification and recognition for completion of educational workshops and community service opportunities as part of the Personal Leadership track.

To apply:

  1. Apply and be accepted to UNCW
  2. Contract with UNCW Office of Housing & Residence Life and pay $105 contract fee
  3. Log onto Seaport and make Hewlett Hall your preference
  4. Complete the Leadership and Service Learning Community application

Nursing Learning Community--FULL FOR FALL 2013 

The Nursing Learning Community is a non-residential learning community consisting of classes required to get into these competitive programs. 

PULSE Learning Community 

PULSE is a non-residential Learning Community designed specifically for students who plan to pursue graduate education for a career in the health professions. All students in PULSE will take the same sections of BIO 201, CHM 101 and UNI 101.

BIO 201 and CHM 101 are courses traditionally required for admission into any medical or graduate school of health. In addition, UNI 101 is required for all first-year students to graduate from UNCW. 

Why should YOU join PULSE?

·Take the same 3 classes and labs with motivated students like you
·Begin completing entrance requirements for graduate programs early ·Meet current medical students and practitioners  
·Visit to clinical sites and/or health programs in North Carolina  
·First-hand information from Pre-Professional Advisors

Apply now at http://www.uncw.edu/preprofessional 

Science & Engineering Learning Community 

The Science & Engineering Learning Communities Program is a non-residential program (students can live on or off campus to participate) specifically designed for students interested in several science areas or Engineering.  These communities will include two science courses based on the student’s area of interest and a First Year Seminar Course.  http://uncw.edu/uc/sciegn/index.html