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First-Year Seminar

  • Sign up for First Year Seminar as your first course! The subject/department is University College when searching for this course.
  • First Year Seminar (UNI 101) is a highly interactive course which fosters a sense of community, with no more than 25 first-year students per class. It offers an environment conducive to academic and personal development.
  • First Year Seminar is a requirement to graduate and should be taken in the first semester at UNCW.
  • STUDY ABROAD AS A FRESHMAN – Join Global UNI – This is a globally focused First-Year Seminar course with an option to Study Abroad in the UK during Spring Break 2017.  Click here for more information.

  • GET AN EDGE - EDGE is a Learning Community designed specifically for first-year students who want leadership and civic engagement opportunities around campus and in the Wilmington Community. Click here for more information.
  • First Year Seminars can be taken independently or as part of Learning Communities. Applications and more information for Learning Communities are available here. 
    • Learning Communities provide structured experiences in which a group of first-semester students enroll in common classes related to a shared academic or personal interest. Students participating in these communities report:

      • Feeling more connected to the campus as well as the community professors, staff and peers.
      • Becoming involved in both in-class and out-of-class activities
      • Creating supportive peer networks that extend beyond the classroom

      Learning community students tend to earn higher grades and report an increased overall satisfaction with their college experience. In addition to sharing classes, in some learning communities students also live together in the same residence hall.