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University Studies encourages students to begin a life-long journey of engaged inquiry and societal contribution. As a consciously integrated component of each student's overall education experience, the program reflects our institution's fundamental commitment to fostering ethical and intellectual development and to promoting the growth of well-informed, creative, literate members of society. University Studies first establishes the basis of an essential liberal education through a multi-faceted exploration of our diverse intellectual heritage. As it extends through each student's educational career, University Studies builds upon this foundation through a course of study designed to cultivate the skills and capacities students require to respond to and anticipate the complexities of modern citizenship in an inclusive and creative manner.

Note: Documents below are updated regularly. Please refer to the catalogue for University Studies requirements.

Requirements by Catalogue Years

2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016

February 2015----Additional courses have been approved for University Studies (U.S.) Foundations and Approaches & Perspectives for the 2015-2016 catalogue. They are posted here to inform current students who may have taken any of these new U.S. courses as they will count toward their U.S. requirements after the catalogue is posted in August.

Be sure to check your degree audit.

University Studies (All Courses-Foundations & Approaches) 2016-2017

University Studies (Foundations & Approaches) Fall 2017 Availability


February 2015----Additional courses have recently been added to University Studies Foundations and Approaches & Perspectives. If you took any of these new US courses, you may have already completed additional University Studies requirements. Be sure to check your degree audit for changes.