Transition Programs


Seahawk Links

Seahawk Links are UNCW students who assist incoming freshmen with the transition into college during their first semester. Seahawk Links serve as mentors to these students through interactions in the classroom and by assisting new students with making connections to UNCW. Students are chosen based upon their interpersonal, academic and leadership skills, along with their University involvement.

With the exception of students enrolled in the Cornerstone, Honors Scholars or the Global Perspectives Initiative learning communities, every freshman will receive a Seahawk Link.

If you have yet to be contacted by your Seahawk Link, or are unable to locate your Seahawk Link, please e-mail the Office of Transitions of Programs. Please be sure to include your full name in this email.

Become a Link - Application Process

Find information regarding the Seahawk Link application process. The application process is currently closed for the 2016-2017 school year.

Learning Outcomes

Students who are chosen to be Seahawk Links have the opportunity to improve their leadership skills, in addition to helping incoming freshmen.

Link Leadership Council Members Will:

  • foster positive relationships with each other and the Seahawk Links
  • demonstrate and enhance their critical thinking skills
  • learn about various personal leadership styles and how these can enhance interpersonal relationships
  • establish a positive environment for the Seahawk Links that is conducive to their personal growth
  • learn program and event coordination and evaluation
  • develop strong leadership skills

Seahawk Links will:

  • serve as a role model for UNCW students
  • enhance communication, public speaking and facilitation skills
  • establish a positive working relationships with UNCW faculty, freshmen and fellow Seahawk Links
  • contribute to a positive classroom environment by working with UNCW faculty
  • demonstrate their knowledge of university resources and their ability to refer others to university resources
  • learn about various personal leadership styles and how these can enhance interpersonal relationships
  • demonstrate collaborative problem solving skills
  • identify transferable skills that align with personal and professional goals