Small Group Setting

Incoming Freshman Orientation Schedule
For Students & Family

Tentative June Freshman Student Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.  All of the programs for student Orientation are required.  Students will be busy from 8:00 a.m. to after 7:00 p.m. on the first day and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the second day.  Class registration is at the end of Day 2 and we cannot guarantee students will be done by 5:00 p.m.

Day 1 - Student Schedule for June (Tentative)

7:45-8:45am            Check-in at Cornerstone Hall
9:00-9:20am            Welcome
9:25-10:00am          Orientation Small Group
10:10-11:00am        Rising to the Academic Challenge
11:10-12:15pm        Groups 1-8: Lunch
                              Groups 9-16: Fostering an Inclusive Seahawk Nation
12:25-1:30pm          Groups 1-8: Fostering an Inclusive Seahawk Nation
                              Groups 9-16: Lunch
1:40-2:30pm            Community Standards
2:40-3:20pm            ABC’s of Academics
3:30-5:30pm            Life at UNCW & Math Testing
5:30-6:15pm            Honors Program Meeting
5:30-6:15pm            Athlete Meeting
5:30-7:00pm            Dinner
7:45-8:00pm            Campus Involvement
8:05-9:05pm            On-Campus Housing
                              Off-Campus Housing
9:15-10:45pm          Involvement Fair
9:15-11:00pm          One Sweet Social

Day 2 - Student Schedule for June (Tentative)

7:30-8:30 am           Breakfast
7:30-8:30 am           Residence Hall Check-out
8:30-9:00am            Information Technology
9:00-10:00am          Groups 1-8: Campus Safety-Women; Campus Safety-Men                          
                              Groups 9-16: Skill Seeker
10:05-11:05am        Groups 9-16: Campus Safety-Women; Campus Safety-Men
                              Groups 1-8: Skill Seeker                               
11:10-12:45pm        Group 1: Advising
11:10-1:10pm          Group 2:
    11:10-11:25am            Student Accounts
    11:25-11:40am            Financial Aid
    11:40-1:10pm              Lunch
12:00-3:00pm          Model Rooms (Cornerstone Hall; Galloway Hall; Hewlett Hall; Honors House; University Apartment)
12:00-2:00pm          Off Campus Housing Fair
12:30-1:30pm          E-Bill 101 (optional session)
1:00-2:00pm            Group 1:
    1:00-1:45pm               Lunch
    1:50-2:05pm               Student Accounts
    2:05-2:20pm               Financial Aid
1:45pm                   Group 2: Advising
2:45-4:30pm            Information Fair
2:45-5:00pm            Check-Out & ID Pick Up

Tentative June Freshman Family Schedule

The June Orientation sessions are two days for parents and family members.The August Orientation session is only one day for parents and family members.

Day 1 - Family Schedule for June (Tentative)

7:45-8:45am            Check-in at Cornerstone Hall
9:00-9:20am            Welcome
9:30-10:15am          Assisting Your Student with the Transition to College
10:20-11:45am        Financial Matters
11:45-1:45pm          Lunch
12:45-1:15pm          Break Out Sessions
                              Financial Aid 101: Got Questions? Get Answers
                              Campus Tour
                              Military & Veterans Services
1:15-1:45pm            Break Out Sessions
                              Financial Aid 101: Got Questions? Get Answers
                              Campus Tour
                              In or Out: Residency for Tuition Purposes
1:50-2:35pm            Shared Responsibilities
2:40-3:20pm            ABC’s of Academics
3:35-4:20pm            Reality 101
4:30-5:15pm            Living On Campus
                              Living Off Campus
5:30-6:15pm            Honors Program Meeting
5:30-6:15pm            Athlete Meeting
7:30-8:30 pm           Parent’s Council Social

Day 2 - Family Schedule for June (Tentative)

7:45-9:00am            Residence Hall Check-Out
8:30-9:30am            Parent Breakfast & Open House
9:30-9:40am            Welcome
9:40-10:40am          Student Panel
10:55-12:00am        Live What You Learn
12:00-1:30pm          Lunch
12:00-12:30pm        Campus Tour
12:00-4:30pm          Bookstore Parent Open House
12:30-1:30pm          E-Bill 101
12:00-2:00pm          Off Campus Housing Fair
12:00-3:00pm          Model Rooms (Cornerstone Hall; Galloway Hall; Hewlett Hall; Honors House; University Apartment)
1:40-2:30pm            Growing Up In College
2:30-2:40pm            Wrap Up
2:45-4:30pm            Information Fair
2:45-5:00pm            Check Out

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