Transition Programs


Incoming Freshmen Orientation Placement Testing

Foreign Language Placement Test

The Foreign Language Placement Test is offered online for French, German, Latin, and Spanish. For languages other than these four, please contact Dr. Michelle Scatton-Tessier, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

All UNCW students are required to take at least one course in a foreign language to complete basic studies requirements (some majors may require more).

Everyone should take the placement test except:

  • Students who never took a high school course I n the language they intend to study at the university or only took one course of that language in high school.
  • Students who are transferring foreign language credit from another institution.

For more information about Foreign Language Placement Testing and to access the exam, visit this website.

Students continuing to study a foreign language that they studied in high school must take the Foreign Language Placement Exam prior to orientation. This exam is crucial for registration so please do this prior to attending Orientation.University Studies requires a student obtain proficiency through the 201-level in a language previously studied or the 102-level in a second foreign language not previously studied. Those who wish to take a language not previously studied and those with no high school language and/or no college transferred languages do not need to take the placement test. For more information, visit the University Studies Foreign Language requirement website or the Foreign Language Placement website.

Math Placement Test

Who must take the UNCW math placement test?
All incoming freshmen and some transfer students take the UNCW math placement test; however, some students may be exempt (see next question). The test is given as part of a new student's Orientation program. For additional information please choose your student status: Freshman Transfer
Who does not need to take the UNCW math placement test?
Students who intend to take MAT 101, after checking to make sure the course meets the math requirement of their intended major.
Students who took the ACT Math Test and scored 22 or higher may take MAT 105, MAT 111, MAT 141, MAT 142, STT 210 or STT 215 without taking the math placement test. (These are the only courses that apply.)
Students who have passed a CLEP, math exam or already have college-level credit for MAT 111, MAT 112, MAT 115, MAT 151, MAT 161 (or AP Calculus AB)*, MAT 162 (or AP Calculus BC)* or IB Math (minimum score: 5).
( *Must have an AP score of 3 or higher.)
If you are an incoming freshman, and need to take the math placement test, it will be offered on Day 1 of Orientation. You can find sample questions to prepare for the exam by going to The Math Placement Page.

Remote Testing Option

For students desiring to take the math placement test at their convenience and in their home area, testing is available via the ACT Compass testing network. Go to to find the location closest to your home. Then call UNCW Testing Services at 910-962-7444 or 910-962-4093 to set up your appointment. You will receive a confirmation of the appointment and time by email from the company. There will be a proctoring fee charged by the Compass testing center; any fees are the responsibility of the student. Proctoring fees range from approximately $15-$45 depending on the site.

Retest Policy

It is very important to take the math placement test seriously. If, however, you feel the need to retake your exam,
you will have two options:

  • Either wait until Add/Drop dates for Fall or Spring, or
  • Take it remotely in your home town at an ACT Center. There will be a fee associated with remote testing that you would be responsible for paying when you make your appointment. First, go to to find a site nearest your home. Second, call the Testing Center at 910-962-7444 to register. You will receive a confirmation through your email account with further details on the procedures for testing.

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