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Meet Your Freshman Orientation Leaders

The goal of an Orientation Leader (OL) is to convey important information about UNCW and assist new students and their families with the transition to college life. The OL ensures that the Orientation Program is beneficial, exciting, and educational in its content and presentation.

Taylor Duane
Taylor Duane - Orientation Coordinator
Rising Junior
Richlands, NC
Major: Athletic Training
Minor: Psychology
Involvement: Orientation Leader
Favorite thing about UNCW: My favorite thing about UNCW is the laid back, relaxed atmosphere of the university, and how easy going, friendly and approachable students, faculty

Tanisesh YoungTaniesha Young - Orientation Coordinator
Rising Junior
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Major/Minor: Communication Studies/ Leadership Studies
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, UNCW College
Democrats, My Stand Mentor
Why did you choose UNCW? I choose UNCW because I was originally an Environmental Sciences major, and the school had a very strong program for that. But I also choose UNCW because of the campus environment, and community. I have truly fallen more in love with this school campus, faculty, and students since attending here in the Fall 2011.

Matt Archibald

Matt Archibald
Rising Sophomore
Statesville, NC
Major: Exercise Science
Involvement: Intramural sports, Desk Receptionist, Young Life, Orientation Leader
What's your best memory at UNCW so far? Midnight Madness

Justy Bates

Justy Bates
Rising sophomore
Swansboro, NC
Major: Social Work
Minor: Women's Studies
Involvement: Psych Circle Vice President, My Stand Mentor, Campus Life Operations Manager,
Graham Hewlett Area Chapter, 2013-2014 Resident Assistant, 2013 Orientation Leader
My favorite thing about UNCW is that most people are kind and open minded. This creates an atmosphere in which everyone can find their place and feel welcome

Dalton Bealer

Dalton Bealer
Rising Sophomore
Reading, Pennsylvania
Major: Double Majoring in Business with a concentration in Finance and Biology
Involvement: Greek Life, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Orientation Leader Eco Club
Why did you choose UNCW? I chose UNCW because I love the beach and I love the Girl to Guy Ratio. Oh, and the Business/Biology schools are great too.

Lindsay Blackburn

Lindsay Blackburn
Rising Sophomore
High Point, NC
Major/Minor: Pre-Nursing
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Greek Life
What's your best memory at UNCW so far? Riding in the back of the pickup truck with all my new friends on the way to the beach on the first day of school.

Kellie Brogdon

Kellie Brogden
Rising Sophomore
Creedmoor, NC
Major/Minor: Pre-Med/Spanish
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Seahawk Link (possibly), OCO
Favorite Memory: Randomly deciding to go to the beach at midnight with half the people on my hall

Tyrell BryantTerrell Bryant
Rising Senior
Burgaw, NC
Major/Minor: English w/Concentration in Professional Writing
Involvement: Tau Sigma National Honor Society, BSU, UNCW Literary Alliance, Freshmen/Transfer Orientation Leader, Seahawk Link, etc.
Why did you choose UNCW? I chose to transfer to UNCW, because I loved the atmosphere of the campus as well as the university’s value of education.

Nick CannonNick Cannon
Rising Junior
Davidson, NC
Majors: Political Science and Performance Theatre
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Seahawk Link, Student Government Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, Resident Assistant
What’s your favorite thing about UNCW? At UNCW, students don't walk around looking at the ground. They are always looking up, ready to greet you with a smile and a kind word. Also, it’s acceptable to wear a bathing suit to class.

Katherine CulleyKatherine Culley
Rising Sophomore
Richmond, Virginia
Major/Minor: Double majoring in Anthropology and Education
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Habitat for Humanity, Crafts Club, and Honors College
What’s your favorite thing about UNCW? My favorite thing about UNCW is the professors!

Megan DavisMegan Davis
Greenville, NC
Major/Minor: Recreation, Sports Leadership, and Tourism Management with a minor in Journalism
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Seahawk Adventures, and Young Life
Why I chose UNCW: I visited when I was in middle school, and never saw myself anywhere else!

Becca EdererBecca Ederer
Rising Junior
Silver Spring, Maryland
Major/Minor: Film Studies major with minors in Digital Arts and Leadership Studies
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Treasurer of Rock Climbing Club, Secretary of Flicker Film Society, Organizer with the Reel Teal Film Festival
What's your best memory at UNCW so far? My best memory so far would be when I went on a solo biking adventure to a ballroom dancing studio; on the way home they happened to be filming Revolution on campus. I got to watch them film several scenes of Revolution. It was a crazy night, but one of the most awesome things that's happened in my college life so far!

Hillary Hansen
Hilary Hansen
Rising Sophomore
Belmont, NC
Major/Minor: Double Major in Music and Performance Theatre
Involvement on Campus: Stage Company, UNCW Concert Choir. Orientation Leader
Why did you choose UNCW? I chose UNCW because it was in a great location, just far enough away from home, but not too far. The people here on campus are so inviting and the professors are wonderful. Plus, the campus is absolutely beautiful. This place is truly a second home.

Brandon HoffmanBrandon Hoffman
Rising sophomore
Garner, NC
Major/Minor: Economics/ Political Science (still undecided between these two)
Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader, Club Ultimate Frisbee, Pre-Law Society
What’s your favorite thing about UNCW? The entire campus is basically flat which makes it easy to get around via longboard.

Samuel HopkinsSamuel Hopkins
Rising Junior
Morehead City, NC
Major/Minor: Marketing with a minor in Park and Recreation Management
Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader, Work Assistant Watson College of Education, Greek Life
Why did you choose UNCW? I knew I would love the Dub from the first time I saw its website my sophomore year of high school. My love for the school grew even more when I toured the campus at the end of my sophomore year. I loved UNCW because it was a smaller school, close to the beach, its beautiful campus, and I just simply felt at home and like it was the perfect fit for me.

Blair Houtz

Blair E. Houtzaa
Rising Sophomore
Garner home of Scotty McCreery, NC
Major/Minor: Communication Studies/English
Involvement: Field Hockey, Dance Company, Orientation Leader, Secret Nightwatch
My Favorite Thing About UNCW: The floral arrangements

Amy JohnsonAmy Johnson
Rising Junior
Raleigh, North Carolina
Major: Community Health Education
Minor: Psychology
Involvement: ACE, My Stand Mentor, Phi Eta Sigma, Orientation Leader
What's your best memory at UNCW so far? Making a huge fort in the common room in Cornerstone my freshman year

Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones
Rising sophomore
Matthews NC
Major/Minor: Psychology major, minor in Spanish
Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader, RHA, Area chapter, Honors College
My best memory at UNCW so far? About 3 nights after arriving at UNCW, my dorm had a massive game of Apples to Apples. It was about 30 people. I absolutely loved getting to know so many people in such a unique way.

Kinsey Kiser
Kinsey Kiser
Rising Junior
Indian Trail, NC
Major/Minor: Pre-Nursing Major
Involvement: Greek Life, Orientation Leader
Favorite Thing about UNCW: Being a part of Greek Life on campus has shown me how to be financially responsible and has given me many opportunities to show my leadership skills.

Savannah MangrumSavannah Mangrum
Rising Sophomore
Dickson, Tennessee
Major/Minor: Elementary Education Major with a concentration in the Development of Young
Children and a minor in psychology
Involvement on campus: Club Softball, Orientation Leader
Best Memory at UNCW so far: I lived in Galloway Hall my freshman year and my roommate had just gotten back from volleyball practice and wanted to take a shower but there were guys hanging out in the hallway outside of our door and she didn't want to walk out in just a towel. I was currently eating a corn dog so I told her to follow me as I walked out the door and strutted down the hall eating my corn dog and all the guys were like "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" and didn't even notice her. It's obvious boys like food more than girls.

Jacinda McCloskeyJacinda A. McCloskey
Rising Sophomore
Hope Mills/Fayetteville NC
Major/Minor: Awesome Studies. Just kidding! I am Undecided.
Involvement: Orientaiton Leader, Swim Club, Planking, Owling, Tree-Climbing and Frequent Occupier of Lumina Theater. Ok, I was joking...about the tree-climbing.
Why did you choose UNCW? BecauseUNC-Dub is the place to be

Gary McFee

Gary McFee
Rising Junior
Newland, NC
Major/Minor: Marine Biology
Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Area Chapter, Invisible Children @ UNCW, Orientation Leaders
My favorite thing about UNCW is the location and community

Liz McQuain
Rising Sophomore
Lexington, NC
Major/Minor: Marine Biology/Environmental Science
Involvement: Dance Company, Greek Life, and being your future OL!
What's your best memory at UNCW so far? My best memory would be Move-In Day. All the excitement and love from the upperclassmen made me extremely enthusiastic for my next four years at UNCW!

Tiffany Rose PearceTiffany Rose Pearce
Rising Sophomore
Raleigh, NC
Business Administration and Pre-Medicine with a minor in Chemistry
Involvement: Orientation Leader, UNCW Ducks Unlimited Chapter, Colleges Against Cancer, CROSSROADS peer educator, volunteer for CLES, Habitat for Humanity, and the Pretty in Pink Foundation.
My best memory at UNCW is a day at the beach. It was January 12th, 70 degrees and an absolutely gorgeous day. My friend and I went early that morning and by 1 p.m. about 50 of my friends from my dorm and all over campus were hanging out at the beach together. It was awesome to see everyone from all different places and backgrounds play a game of football and enjoy the beautiful weather together.

Chris Pedersen
Chris Pedersen
Rising Sophomore
Cary, NC
Major/Minor: Major in Criminology
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Club Golf Team, College Republican
What’s your favorite thing about UNCW? – My favorite thing about UNCW is how easy it is to get involved on campus.

Bruno RoseBruno Rose
Rising Junior
Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC
Major/Minor:Film Studies, TheatreMinor: French
Involvement:Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader, Actor in theatrical productions
What’s your favorite thing about UNCW? Theatmosphereand the people here are the best. It always feels like home!

Sunny RuckerSunny Rucker
Greensboro, NC
Major/Minor: Majors: International Studies & Spanish. Minors: Leadership Studies & Political Science
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Seahawk Admissions Network for Diversity (SAND) Ambassador, Director of Public Relations for the Public & International Affairs Association, My Stand Mentor, member of the College Democrats, Orientation Leader, El Club de Español, ONE UNCW, and the Yoga Club.
Why did you choose UNCW?The new International Studies program was exactly what I wanted to do for my major and wasn't offered anywhere else. Plus, UNCW was the perfect size for me and had the aspect of community that I thought many other colleges lacked.

Sami Kate Smith

Sami Kate Smith
Rising Junior
Ocean City, NJ
Major/Minor: Special Education and Elementary Education
Involvement: Greek Life, Orientation Leader, My Stand Mentor
Why did you choose UNCW? My brother was at UNCW when I was deciding on schools and I loved coming down to visit and I compared every other school to UNCW. I grew up at the beach so I knew that having a beach close by was where I wanted to be. UNCW is my home away from home.

Kassidy Sparks

Kassidy Sparks
Rising Senior
Kernersville, NC
Involvement: Greek Life
Why did you choose UNCW? I chose UNCW because it is an academically competitive school that also meets the personal needs of its students. I came from a small high school and a lot of the larger NC Institutions were very overwhelming for me, but I knew from the moment my journey began at UNCW that this was the right place for me.

Richard Vernon

Richard Marvin "The Martian" Vernon
Rising Senior
Fayetteville, NC
Major/Minor: Sociology/Criminal Justice
Involvement: Orientation Leader, Seahawk Link, Resident Assistant, Triathlon Club
What's your best memory at UNCW so far? Being an Orientation Leader because I made a lot of connections with students and staff and had a blast.

Meet your Transfer Orientation Leaders!

Tyrell BryantTerrell Bryant - Transfer Team Orientation Coordinator
Rising Senior
Burgaw, NC
Major/Minor: English w/Concentration in Professional Writing
Involvement: Tau Sigma National Honor Society, BSU, UNCW Literary Alliance, Freshmen/Transfer Orientation Leader, Seahawk Link, etc.
Why did you choose UNCW? I chose to transfer to UNCW, because I loved the atmosphere of the campus as well as the university’s value of education.

Alyssa Andersen
Alyssa Andersen
Rising Junior
Hometown: Wake Forest, NC
Major: English with a concentration in Literary Studies
Campus Involvement: Greek Life
Favorite thing about UNCW: My favorite thing aboutUNCW would be the professors. Every professor I have had legitimately cares about the student's success. My professors have taken the time to get to know me on a first name basis, which helps me feel comfortable in classwhich I feel helps me learn more.

Ashley Bescher Ashley Bescher
Rising senior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Outer Banks, NC/Wilmington, NC
Involvement: Transfer Orientation Leader
Why did you chose to come to UNCW? I chose UNCW because of its pristine reputation and extremely high job placement percentages in the Cameron School of Business! There are so many activities on and off campus that UNCW involves itself in to help make the community of Wilmington a better one & I wouldn't rather be anywhere else!

Anna JessupAnna Jessup
Rising Senior
Tobaccoville, NC
Major: Education of Young Children
Involvement: Transfer Orientation Leader, Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Transfer Student Organization, and Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education
Why did you choose UNCW? I like to say that it was the highly reputable education program that drew me in, but I think I fell in love with UNCW as soon as I stepped on the campus. It’s such a beautiful place, and I loved the fact that I immediately felt like I was a part of a very special community.

Kelly Larouche
Kelly Larouche
Rising junior
Hometown: Hendersonville, NC
Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: Campus Life employee at the Information Desk, Treasurer of Transfer Student Organization, Transfer Orientation Leader, Beta Alpha Psi
Favorite thing about UNCW: I'm counting down the days until my first Beach Blast in August because it got rained out my first year here and I was heartbroken. I love Lumina Theater too!

Adam Laughter
Adam Laughter
Hometown: Hickory, NC
Major: International Studies with a minor in Spanish
Involvement: Men's club volleyball, SUP club, Transfer Orientation Leader
I chose UNCW simply for the relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The university fits your typical definition of a "beach" town. Everyone is very friendly and although it is academically challenging they provide a highly supportive staff to help you along.

Cameron MeredithCameron Meredith
Hometown: Queens, NY
Major/Minor: Psychology B.S, Int'l Studies B.A concentration Europe/ Minor in German
Campus Involvement: President of UNCW Style & Modeling Company; TSO; Literary Alliance; Pre Physical Therapy Association
I chose UNCW because they care more about their Academics and students from what I was shown. My favorite thing is the helpfulness of the staff and faculty.

Charlotte "Charly" Merkley
Charlotte “Charly” Merkley
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Major: BS Chemistry
Involvement: Tau Sigma National Honor Society
My favorite memory from my time at UNCW is when my friends and I danced on the front lawn
until midnight for Midnight Madness after attending the Basketball pep rally.

Drew Sammons
Andrew R. Sammons (Drew)
Junior/Senior (Summer)
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Major/Minor: Accountancy
Campus Involvement: T-Team Leader, Student Veterans Advocacy Group, Vice President
Favorite thing about UNCW: The knowledge and professionalism of the UNCW Faculty and Staff.

Lacy Uken
Lacy Uken
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Biology with a Chemistry Minor
Involvement: Greek Life, Global Medical Brigades
My favorite thing about UNCW is the close relationship between Professors and Students and how they are always willing to help their students outside of class.

Patrick ZatorskiPatrick Zatorski
Hometown: Stanley, NC
Major: Athletic Training
Involvement: Club Soccer
I chose UNCW because I love the beach, the laid back atmosphere of beach towns, and the smaller student body vs. my old school

Savannah Zeches

Savannah Zeches
Rising Senior
Hometown: Papillion, Nebraska/Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Major/Minor: English- Professional Writing with the Professional Writing Certificate and Creative Writing Minor
Campus Involvement: Orientation Leader, Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, UNCWeekends, The Seahawk Campus Newspaper Layout Editor
My Favorite Thing about UNCW: Is that it is such a well-rounded school and it seems that every academic department has such great opportunities to offer! I chose to transfer to UNCW because of the beautiful campus and great atmosphere, but also because the English department had exactly what I was interested in pursuing!


2013 T- Team

The T Team is a group of orientation leaders who work with students during the Transfer Orientations. Selection for this team will be in the early Spring of 2013.

Preference is given to transfer students.

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