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Orientation Leaders

Meet Your 2016 Freshman Orientation Leaders

The goal of an Orientation Leader (OL) is to convey important information about UNCW and assist new students and their families with the transition to college life. The OL ensures that the Orientation Program is beneficial, exciting, and educational in its content and presentation.

ZackZack Amrani



I've made some incredible memories with incredible people and had opportunities I wouldn't have elsewhere, for example: going to the beach on a sunny 70 degree day in January. One of my favorite quotes is this: "You, on your own, you're not that important. What's important is the relationships you have with each other. Now you belong here. You're not going to feel that until you start looking out for each other." That quote is part of why I'm never afraid to approach a stranger on campus. I love UNC Wilmington and I love the people here; I want everyone to see why it is that I love this school as much as I do.

AustinAustin Arnold

Wake Forest, NC

Since enrolling at UNCW, I have learned a lot about myself. Most importantly, to be myself. Don't be afraid to make friends...put yourself out there. Do things outside your comfort zone. You might fail in some areas, you might succeed in others, but you'll find yourself in the process. You're the main character of this book, and this is the chapter in which you slay that dragon (ace that test), find that treasure (make your best friends), and save the damsel in distress (your GPA). Keep things orderly, keep things friendly and get involved early. It is up to you who your character will become.

JazlynJazlyn Bain

Marine Biology
Dinwiddie, VA

I knew that I wanted to go to UNCW when I was a sophomore in high school becuase of their Marine Biology program. It was always my first choice because of the amazing atmosphere presented by all the staff and students; therefore, when I got accepted in January of 2015, I accepted right away. At first I was really shy, my RA and Seahawk Link inspired me to get involved and out of my room. That has made my experience life changing because I have met some fantastic people and learned many new skills.

CarsonCarson Banks

Film Studies & Philosophy
Farmville, NC

UNCW has truly become my home. I started out my freshmen year at another university and I just couldn't find my place on campus. After learning about the Film Studies program at UNCW, I decided to apply. I brought my family down for a tour and as soon as I began the long walk down Chancellor's Walk, I instantly felt connected to the campus and community. The welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at UNCW is incredible. I've only been here for two short years, but I can't believe how far I've come. This school has opened so many doors for me. I'm thankful for all of the faculty and professional staff. Each day I grow into a better student, friend, son, and leader. To new and incoming students, I have two words: "welcome home."

CristianCristian Black

Athletic Training
Matthews, NC

My experience at UNCW thus far has been practically indescribable. Every moment is better than the last and I look forward to those coming. I have been fortunate enough to join organizations across the campus that have not only made the last three years so unforgettable, but so worth while. I can't help but smile when someone from back home asks, "So how is Wilmington treating you?" because the answer is always the same with different examples of why I love it so much.

JakeJake Butts

Welcome, NC

I decided to attend UNCW my junior year of high school when I took my official tour. I have always been interested in attending this university and it was my top choice from the beginning, but I wanted to make sure. It was a relatively ugly day as it would rain periodically; however, when I saw people walking around campus barefoot and still smiling, I knew that this was the school for me. There is a different reason to smile every single day and I believe that the sense of community that surrounds the campus is one of a kind. This university is very accepting and diverse and allows for everyone to be themselves and feel included. The laid back and 'chill' atmosphere of this campus is like no other and is something that every college student should experience.

CodyCody Critcher

Communication Studies & Recreation, Sports Leadership and tourism management
Raleigh, NC

Being at UNCW has been an amazing experience for me. I've really been able to come out of my shell and be true to myself. I've also found some really great friends and I have loved being an avid Seahawk sports fan.

MaxMax Cunningham

Biology & Chemistry
Charlotte, NC

The thing I appreciate most about UNCW is the caring faculty. Every class that I have had so far and struggled with, there has always been a professor there to help me o you so that you are continually engaged and thinking critically about the material. Also if this is not enough (which it almost always is) then I can stop by the resources we have on campus like the writing center or math lab. It really makes me feel like everyone here is on my side and really trying to help me reach my goalsut. They seem to encourage questions but also like to challenge.

HannahHannah Daley

Elementary Education
Raleigh, NC

Honestly, UNCW was not my first choice university. I decided to come here after I was rejected from my first choice school. Being rejected from my top choice school was by far the best thing that has happened to me. The opportunities that have been made available to me, and the investment of the university in my success is something that I believe is truly unique to UNCW. I always say that receiving that rejection letter my senior year was the best rejection I have ever received because it helped me make the best decision I ever could have.

MeghannMeghann Dintino

Lansing, NC

I decided to attend UNCW my senior year of high school after I visited the campus. After literally just one tour, I connected with this campus in a way that I cannot explain. Since enrolling at UNCW, I have learned how much growing and potential I have as an individual. I love stepping back and realizing how much I have grown as a student, as a leader, and as a person from my first day of college. I will no longer define myself as a shy or uneducated individual because I have grown into a confident woman who will achieve her goals in life.

GrantGrant Draughn

Communication Studies
Thomasville, NC

I decided I wanted to come to UNCW 20 minutes into my first and only tour. I fell in love with the atmosphere and knew I wanted to attend this school. My experience here has been great! I have grown exponentially since going here and I have been able to make so many friends with so many memories to go along with them! My involvement has helped me grow as a leader and gotten me involved in the UNCW community and the Wilmington community also. Because of this I have found new passions and developed new dreams and aspirations for my life. Above all else this school has taught me how important diversity is. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive university who welcomes all. I quickly learned that there is a place for everyone and a way for anyone to get involved!!

LibbyLibby Fields

Exercise Science
Durham, NC

The best part about UNCW is how much everyone cares. The school provides so many resources to help us succeed in our academics, as well as having professors who truly care about how we are doing in their classes. It makes the biggest difference knowing someone is in your corner and wants you to do well! Oh, and being so close to the beach isn't too bad either!

SarahSarah Gagné

Chapel Hill, NC

I decided to transfer to UNCW in the Fall of 2014. I had just finished my freshman year at another four-year institution that I was not happy at. UNCW felt like a perfect fit and was the ideal distance from home. They also had the major and minor that I was interested in. UNCW has taught me a lot about myself. It has pushed me to be my best in school and be the best person I can be. It has taught me to think of others first before myself because that's the kind of love people have shown me here.

AshleyAshley George

POlitical Science
Hickory, NC

So far, my experience at UNCW has been wonderful. I've met amazing people and made great friendships. My friendships have given me the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country. I have learned so many thing about myself while I've been at UNCW. However, the one thing that has stuck with me this far is that time flies when you're having fun. So live for the moment, not for the past, and live each day like it's your last.

KaraKara Goodson

Elementary Education
Jacksonville, NC

Since I started attending UNCW I have become such an open-minded and welcoming person. Before coming to college I hung out with basically the same type of people. Now that I am at UNCW I am surrounded by a diverse crowd of people and I have never been more grateful.

JulieJulie Kaleta

English & Professional Writing
Montgomery, NY

I am very grateful for my experience here. I love the people I have met and I am happy to be a part of several areas of campus life. I appreciate the way that everyone had been very accommodating and friendly. The people I have met here are very positive and do the best they can to give everyone attending this school a great experience.

ShyanneShyanne Kiekenapp

International Studies & Political Science
Davie County, NC

My experience at UNCW so far has been phenomenal. I have never felt more at home since I've been here. Everyone is so willing to help when issues come to light. I appreciate how I am able experience everything that I am now that I'm sure I would not be able to experience from another college. I am grateful for all of the staff members on campus who have pushed me to do the things I have done so far.

JesseJesse Mazen

Special Education
Tampa, fl

My experience at UNCW was great from the start of move-in day. Right when I got out of the car I was greeted by friendly seahawks ready to help me bring my luggage to my dorm. I met all 9 of my roommates on move-in day (I lived in the university suites) and we all hit it off right away. I became involved with the gymnastics club, devoted myself to my studies and made new friends everyday. I can honestly say I've never had a bad day at UNCW. I've had bad moments, everyone does, but I've never had a bad day here and I don't think I ever will.

AlexAlex Mondshane

Charlotte, NC

UNCW was not my first choice school. When I toured here I already had a preconceived idea that I didn't want to come here as it was not my number 1 choice. But when I didn't get into my first choice school, I had to really consider my options. When it came down to when I had to make a decision, I was immediately drawn back to when I visited UNCW for the first time. The environment and welcoming feeling that I felt really drew me in to pick to go here. Looking back, I have NO IDEA why I felt like this school was not for me. I have become a part of so many people's lives, whether it be on an intramural sports team, club team, just meeting people when I go to play basketball, and of course, my OL family. The feeling that I feel the most here is welcomed and it feels as if UNCW is my family.

SophiaSophia Nicolosi

International Business
Charlotte, NC

What I have learned about myself is that I have such a massive passion for learning and volunteering my time to help those around me. Many of the accomplishments I have achieved have been through putting others before me and pushing myself far in my academics. Overall I have surprised myself with just how much this university has truly allowed me to grow without limits.

CarlCarl Palombaro

Raleigh, NC

I have wanted to come to Wilmngton since my sophomore year in high school. I wanted to stay in state, but I wanted to get out of the Raleigh area. Wilmington is far enough away from home that I can get the full college experience, but close enough that if I need to go home for the weekend I can.

BriBri Ross

Psychology & communication studies
grayslake, IL

My experience at UNCW thus far has been amazing! I feel like I am becoming the best version of myself and accomplishing every goal that I've had for myself. I couldn't ask for anything better than that to start my first year at the university.

JustinJustin Sanchez

Environmental Studies
Fayetteville, NC

My experience as of so far here are UNCW has been one of the best I have ever had. I have mady many new friends, met many people who are interested in helping me succeed, and joined clubs that have helped me grow as an individual. The thing I have come to appreciate the most at UNCW are the people (and the occasional dog strolling through Chancellors). The people here, that I have come across, are genuine, kind, and hilarious. The professors are some of the most involved and they truly want the students here to succeed.

MaggieMaggie Siebert

Elementary Education
Moorseville, NC

I have learned so many things about myself since coming to school at UNCW. I have learned how to be more organized and how to keep up with many things, which will definitely help me in the furture. I have also learned abotu how to be independent and do things on my own. Although I love hanging out with friends and being surrounded by people, I have learned that it is necessary to spend time alone and it is definitely worth it!

KaylaKayla Simpson

Indian Trail, NC

Since becoming a Seahawk, I have learned that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought and that if I put forth my best I can follow my dreams! I have had an incredible 3 years at UNCW so far. I have been lucky enough to have several leadership positions that have helped me become the person I am today, and have made UNCW feel like my home.

KatherineKatherine Southard

Matthews, NC

I decided to attend UNCW after I toured the school for the second time. I vacation at Wrightsville Beach every year, and have always dreamed of going to UNCW since I was little. Since attending UNCW, I have learned that it is okay to spend time by myself. I love spending time with people and always being on-the-go, but sometimes it is hard to balance school work, extracirricular activities, and friends at the same time. I have learned that it is okay to say "no" to people sometimes and just focus on what I need to get done.

OliviaOlivia Stewart

Biochemistry & history
New Bern, NC

I decided to become a Seahawk after Seahawk Saturday. I had toured the campus three times by this point and was still very unsure, but one of the professors, Dr. Bart Jones started speaking to me about Chemistry and what I wanted to accomplish with it. He even gave me a tour of his lab, and I knew then that UNCW was my home: it really appealed to the nerd in me.

TaylorTaylor Turner

Roanoke Rapids, NC

My experience at UNCW has been a roller coaster of emotions. At first I was really scared to go to a school where I didn't know anyone, but I made friends in no time, which has definitely contributed to my positive experience at UNCW. There are so many on-campus programs that can help you with basically anything that you need. So don't be afriad to ask for help!

CoreyCorey Williams

Biology & Communication Studies
Lillington, NC

My experience at UNCW so far has been one of discovery. When I arrived my first day, I felt as though everyone knew what they were interested in and who they wanted to be, but I didn't. I made my first few months here a time for me to act on impulse and be spontaneous with an open mind. By doing simply that, I found out things about myself I would have never imagined, I met people I would have never though to speak to, and I was presented with opportunities that have changed my life forever.