Transition Programs

Teal Bridge Mentor Program

The UNCW Teal Bridge program was designed to help newly enrolled transfer students during their time of transition from prior educational venues to UNCW. We understand that transfer students have already attended college and have an idea of what to expect. However, UNCW provides a new atmosphere, complete with its own culture, policies, protocols and resources. The UNCW experience will be different from the past experiences of a transfer student - and there will be things here that some transfer students have not encountered before, but which will be crucial to a successful time while here.

Teal Bridge program events and Teal Bridge Mentors (volunteer transfer students), are designed to help new transfer students navigate their new UNCW surroundings in order to help each student make the most of their time here. Having recently been a new transfer student as well, Teal Bridge Mentors are ready to share their experiences and knowledge, as well as support each transfer student they mentor.

We use a Small Group model, meaning that each Mentor may have up to 20-25 incoming Transfer students. This has proven to work very well for creating an immediate group of peers for you to connect with and learn about UNCW together. We meet weekly (1 hour) for the first six weeks as you get used to the campus and all the resources. Thereafter, it is up to the small group to meet as you would like to for study groups, meals, academic or purely fun events!

Teal Bridge Mentor FAQ

How do new transfer students apply for a Teal Bridge Mentor?

Transfer students need to simply complete the online application to be paired with a mentor with similar interests. We try to match majors, but when that is not possible, we find some other common ground shared between the mentor and mentee. Once the match has been made, transfer students will receive an email from their Teal Bridge Mentor

Transfer students who are new to UNCW and are ready to join the program, may REQUEST a Mentor.

When do transfer students meet their Teal Bridge Mentor?

Transfer students who have requested a Teal Bridge Mentor will be contacted over the summer and meet their mentor prior to the first day of classes.

Will every transfer student get a Teal Bridge Mentor?

Every transfer student who requests one will be paired with a Teal Bridge Mentor.

Who are the Teal Bridge Mentors?

Teal Bridge Mentors are former transfer students who have already gone through the process of transferring to UNCW. In addition, they have been trained in mentoring and are familiar with the resources on campus - all to help each transfer student be successful during their UNCW journey!

How will a Teal Bridge Mentor help?

Teal Bridge Mentors will be available to help guide students as they learn where things are on campus and the processes at UNCW. They will also direct transfer students to the appropriate resources when they have questions or need help. Because they are familiar with Wilmington and the surrounding area, they can also help students become familiar with local attractions.

Various events will take place throughout the year to further assist transfer students during their time at UNCW.

Have additional questions about the Teal Bridge Mentors?

Contact Kaitlyn Shepard at or (910) 962-7253.