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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited to UNCW's Family & Alumni Weekend?

Parents, alumni, guardians, grandparents, siblings and family friends are all members of the Seahawk Family and are invited to UNCW's campus for a weekend of food, fun, and friendship.

Can younger siblings attend Family & Alumni Weekend?

Yes! We welcome family members of all ages to join us in the festivities. There will not be babysitting services offered during the weekend.

Do I have to attend all of the events?

No. We have designed Family & Alumni Weekend around letting you choose which events appeal to you and your family. However, we encourage you to take advantage of our programming to experience UNCW and Wilmington area.

Can my student use their meal plan to swipe our family into the Wagoner Hall Brunch?

Depending on the meal plan, your student may be able to use multiple meal swipes at the same time at Wagoner Hall for Brunch. Talk to your student about their plan option and their eating habits throughout the week to see if this is an option for your student and your family.

Can I purchase tickets on-site?

You may only purchase tickets on-site for events that do not require pre-registration and for events that are not sold out. Please be aware that some events may fill up the day of the event and there may no be tickets available for purchase.

Can I request a refund if I cannot make it to an event or if there is bad weather?

No. We do not give refunds for any of the events once we have processed your registration. All events are scheduled to take place rain or shine, unless noted otherwise.

I am an UNCW Alumnus. How do I get more information about Class Reunions?

For more information on Class Reunions, visit the Alumni Association's Class Reunions.

When will I receive tickets for Family & Alumni Weekend?

You will receive your Family & Alumni weekend packet at check-in on September 23 or September 24. Your packet will have name tags for all attendees, tickets for registered events, a schedule for the weekend and more. You will NOT receive a packet if you only sign up for free events.

Where do I pick-up the t-shirts I ordered?

If you paid for an event, you need to check-in to receive your Family & Alumni Weekend tickets, name tags, program book and more. Check-in will be located in the Azalea Coast Room, in the Fisher University Union. Click here for the campus map. Check-in times can be viewed on the Check-In page.

Who do I contact if I have questions about
Family & Alumni Weekend?

If you have questions, contact the Office of Transition Program or the Office of Alumni Relations.

Office of Transition Programs

910.962.3089 or

Office of Alumni Relations

800.596.2880 or

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