Department of Theatre


MANDATORY!!!! Spring 2017 Acting audition

When:       Thursday, January 12, 5:00-7:00 PM

Where:      Mainstage theatre in the Cultural Arts Building. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the Theatre
                 call board.

Who:         All performance majors required to audition.   Customized, Design/Tech, and any others who
                 are interested in performing may audition.  Please note Hand to God may make call back
                 decisions from this audition.

What:       One memorized monologue under 75 Second time limit.

Introduction shall include your name and the monologue that you will be performing.  The intro is not a part of the timing.

At the end of the Audition please conclude with Thank You and repeat your name.

If you exceed the 75 second time limit, you will hear “Thank you” from the audience.  Please state your name and exit the stage. 

The monologue should be from a published play.  No movies or TV shows please.

Students and faculty from Film Studies will be in attendance looking to cast actors for their films in the Spring Semester. Matt Carter director of Hand to God will also be in attendance. 

8x10 photograph- does not have to professional quality. We cannot print them for you.  If you do not provide one you may not be considered for film casting.

Other information: We will be running this audition based on SETC/URTA procedures.  The monologue does not need to be new, it can be something you have done before or worked on in class.