Name Discipline Phone Office Email Address
Phillip Furia Interim Department Chair 962-3321 CA 2026B furiap
Dr. Anne Berkeley Theatre History 962-3586 CA 2026A berkeleya
Dr. Paul Castagno Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Theatre Studies 962-3446 CA 2044 castagnop
Max Lydy Technical Director 962-3551 CA 1111A lydym
Christopher Marino Voice & Movement, Acting 962-2415 CA 2040 marinoc
Scott Nice Performance 962-7896 CA 2048 nices
Mark Sorensen Costume Design/
Stage Make-up
962-3585 CA 1094 sorensenm

Ed Wagenseller

Performance 962-7959 CA 2042 wagensellere
Susan Wilder

Administrative Associate, Office

962-2061 CA 2026 wilders

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