UNCW talons

Making the big time

Grant Emerson is living the life every working musician dreams of – touring the country with the band Delta Rae and celebrating the debut of their first album Carry the Fire.

On a medical mission

Martyn Knowles '03 tested his skills as a surgeon as a member of The Floating Doctors, treating a 10-year-old in a thatched hut in the jungles of Panama.

The perfect brew

Until the early 1900s, yaupon holly was a very common way to make tea. It was local, free and packed the caffeine pick-me-up desired.

Rediscovering history

Preeminent scholars celebrated the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Civil War-era Modern Greece.

The harpy eagle

UNCW's Jamie Rotenberg is studying a large bird of prey, but he's also helping to create a community of conservationists in the mountains of Belize.

Regional effort connects farmers to businesses and consumers to create a more economically significant and sustainable regional food system.


Seahawk Spotlight

Be a hero at UNCW: Young Alumni Challenge

Take the young alumni challenge

UNCW Campus Dining has come to the table with a $30,000 challenge gift to encourage young alumni (who graduated between 2002-12) to give back to UNCW by matching gifts, up to $50.

Sarah Messer

From the inside out

Sarah Messer teaches her students the same concepts she follows when writing: immerse yourself, find what you're trying to say and how you are trying to say it.