School of Social Work

Solution Focus
Solution Focused Training and Consultations for Individuals, Agencies and Communities

Future workshops and presentations by topic, conducted by Strengths Collaborative Associates are listed below.

Agency Development

  • Creating Your Own Successful Private Practice by Melissa Wilson
  • Myers Briggs Team Building by Melissa Wilson


  • Empowerment Strategies for Working with People Living with HIV/AIDS by Brent Cagle

Caregiver Support

  • Caregiver Issues in Social Work Employment by Deb Bowen
  • Caring for the Caregiver by Deb Bowen
  • Devloping a Caregiver Support Program by Deb Bowen
  • Strengths-Based Support for Caregivers, the Terminally Ill and the Dying by Deb Bowen

Child Welfare and Department of Social Services

  • Solution-focused Therapy: Philosophy and Technique by Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-focused Practice in Child Protective Services: The Safety Light Experiment by Bob Blundo
  • Strengths-based Practce for DSS Workers: The Rhetoric of Social Justice in Child Protective Services by Melissa Wilson, Bob Blundo, Jeanne Denny

Children and Families

  • Breaking the Runaway Adolescent Cycle: Effective Interventions by Brent Cagle
  • Building Success for Workers and Families by Bob Blundo, Gwen Clark, Fay Smith
  • Challenging the Hegemony of Parenting Skills Classes: Building on the Strengths of African-American Women in Public Housing Solution-focused System Building by Melissa Wilson
  • Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse by Melissa Wilson
  • Significance and Value of Birth and Extended Families for Abused and Neglected children and Youth by Brent Cagle
  • Solution-focused Therapy with Children by Melissa Wilson

Strengths-Based Helping Relationships

  • Strength-Based, Postmodern Therapeutic Approaches: New Ways of Understanding by Chris Hall
  • Reducing Practioner Privilege in the Therapeutic Relationship by Chris Hall

ClientDirected Outcome Informed Approaches

  • An Overview of client directed Outcome Informed (CDOI) Approaches and Practice-Based Evidence by Chris Hall
  • Client Direction of Practice and teh Social Construction of Clinical Treatment Models by Chris Hall

Clinical Supervision

  • Models and Skills in Strengths Based Supervision by Chris Hall
  • Strengths-Based Clinical Supervision by Melissa Wilson

Cognitive Therapy and Strengths

  • What is Cognitive Therapy and Can it be Used in a Strengths-Based Way? by Chris Hall

Conflict Resolution

  • Conflict Resolution from Strengths by Melissa Wilson

Disaster Relief

  • Mental Health Services and Disasters by Deb Bowen
  • Survivorship in teh Face of Disasters: A Strengths/Solution Based Perspective by Bob Blundo, Melissa Wilson

Education and Teaching Strengths-Based Practice

  • Six Applications of Social Constructionish Theory to MSW Curriculum by Chris Hall
  • Strengthening Children and Families Requires a Fundamental Alteration of the BSW Curriculum by Bob Blundo

Elderly Population and Strengths

  • Suicide and the Elderly by Deb Bowen

Evidence and Persond Centered Practice

  • A Feminist/Strengths Exploration of Evidence-Based Practice by Chris Hall
  • What the #%@ is Practice Evidence?: A Practicitioner's Guide to Clinical Research by Chris Hall

Field Supervision from a Strengths Perspective

  • Strength Based Field Supervision by Jeanne Denny, Melissa Van Kirk, Chris Hall

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ)

  • A Grounded Theory of Emerging Adulthood: Gay Young Men in the Carolinas by Brent Cagle
  • Agency-Building and Social Work Professionalization: A View From Queer Youth Organization by Brent Cagle
  • Being Who You Are, Where You Want to Be by Brent Cagle
  • Bringing it out in the Open: Using Case Method to Explore Spirituality and Religion by Brent Cagle
  • Development Theories for Queer Individual and Queer Organizations: From Concept to Celebration by Brent Cagle
  • Gay Men, Transitioning to Adulthood: Resilience, Resources, and the Larger Social Environment by Brent Cagle
  • Issues Facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth by Brent Cagle
  • Solution-Focused Therapy with Gay/Lesbian Clients by Melissa Wilson

Grief Work

  • A Good Friend for Bad Times: Helping Others Through Grief by Deb Bowen

Illness, Coping and Strengths

  • Helpers in Hard Times by Brent Cagle
  • The Power of Hope: Working with Emerging Adults Living with Life Threatening Illness by Brent Cagle
  • Young Adults Living with Chronic Illness: Experiences and Needs by Brent Cagle

Management and Employee Relations Training

  • Creating Employee Joy: A Program for Employee Engagement and Retention by Deb Bowen
  • Healthy Communities, Healthy Agencies, Healthy Families: Multiple Roles for Social Workers in Creating and Sustaining Community-Based Service Organizations by Brent Cagle
  • Healthy Workplace Communication by Melissa Wilson
  • Strengths-Based Management Model Training by Deb Bowen

Managing Occupational Stress

  • Managing Stress from Strengths by Melissa Wilson

Meditation, Strengths, and Holistic Practice

  • Connecting to Mother Earth: A Strengths-based Model of Holism by Deb Bowen
  • Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool by Deb Bowen
  • Meditation for Social Workers and Their Clients by Deb Bowen

Men's Issues and Practice with Men

  • Engaging Men in Clinical Practice: A Cross-Cultural Approach by Bob Blundo
  • Ethics and the Non-Activist Male Social Worker: How Men Could Help by Chris Hall
  • Jokes, Straight Talk, and Warmth: How Male Social Workers Support Each Other by Chris Hall, Bob Blundo, Tab Ballis, Tony Hall, Joe D'Ambrosio
  • Men at (Social) Work by Tab Ballis, Chris Hall, Bob Blundo
  • Strengths Base Coaching: Engaging Men in Social Work Counseling by Bob Blundo
  • The ethicality of the Non-Activist Male Social Work Practitioner by Chris Hall, Joe D'Ambrosio
  • The Peculiarities of Men Aging: Reflections and Tales by Bob Blundo
  • Viagra Dialogues: medical Technology Constructing Aging Masculinity by Bob Blundo

Military Issues

  • Battle Mind: Culture of War and PTSD by Bob Blundo

Motivational Interviewing

  • An Overview of Motivational Interviewing and its Relation to Solution Focused Approaches by Chris Hall

Narrative Approaches

  • A Narrative Intervention for Physical Abusers and their Families by Chris Hall

Overviews and Exploration of the Strengths Perspective

  • Strengths-based Practice: What's the Point? by Melissa Wilson
  • The World Turned Upside Down: Thinking from a Strengths/Solution-Focused Perspective by Bob Blundo
  • What's Your Guiding Light? Taking the Mystery out of Theory by Brent Cagle

Postmodernism and Strengths-Based Practice

  • Bring Postmodern in a Modern World by Chris Hall
  • Practice as a Social Construct by Chris Hall
  • Postmodernism and Social Work: An Analysis of Michael Foucault's, Discipline and Punish (1979) and the Implications for Social Work by Chris Hall
  • Social Constructionism a Unifying Metaperspective for Social Work: Interview with Thirteen Leading SC from Around the World about Practice by Chris Hall

Professional Self-Care

  • Ameliorating Secondary Trauma in Child Protective Services by Bob Blundo
  • Ethics of Professional Self-Care by Deb Bowen
  • Social Worker Self-Care by Deby Bowen

School Social Work and Student Support

  • Building Community-Based Support Services for GLBT Youth by Brent Cagle
  • Solution-focused Therapy: Overview for working in Schools by Melissa Wilson
  • Strengths-based Practice in School by Melissa Wilson

Service Learning

  • Participatory Research and Service-Learning: A Natural Match for the Community and Campus by Bob Blundo
  • Video Documentaries as Studend Service-Learning Projects by Bob Blundo, Bill Bolduc

Sexual Abuse Survivors

  • Solution-focused Therapy with Sexual Abuse Survivors by Melissa Wilson

Solution Focused Practice

  • Foundations of Solution-focused Practice by Bob Blundo
  • Maintaining a Solution-Focused Process in Your Practice by Bob Blundo, Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-Focused Interviewing: Advanced Experiential Learning Exercises, Demonstrations and Consultations by Bob Blundo, Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-Focused Practice for BSW Field Instructors by Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-Focused Practice for MSW Field Instructors by Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-focused Therapy: Finding and Listenting for Strengths by Melissa Wilson


  • Diversity in Religion and Spirituality by Brent Cagle
  • Spirituality As a Strength-Based Therapeutic Tool by Deb Bowen
  • Stengths-Based Work with Client Spirituality and Meditation as Therapeutic Tools by Deb Bowen


  • Strengths-based Suicide Assessment by Melissa Wilson
  • Suicide and the Elderly by Deb Bowen

Teaching and the Strengths Perspective

  • Strengthening Children and Families Requires a Fundamental Alteration of the BSW Curriculum by Bob Blundo
  • What is so Hard About Learning to Listen: Teaching Social Work Practice by Bob Blundo

Trauma and Strengths

  • Survivorship in the Face of Disasters: A Strengths/Solution Based Perspective by Bob Blundo