School of Social Work

Onslow SSWO members present a check to Onslow County United Way CHEW

School of Social Work Student Organizations

The Eta Omega Chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society

Students enrolled in the School of Social Work at UNCW can join the Eta Omega Chapter of Phi Alpha by meeting all of the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 9 semester hours of required social work courses
  • Achieved an overall GPA at UNCW of 3.0 or better
  • Achieved an overall GPA of 3.25 or better in all social work course

2016-2017 Officers - Main Campus

  • President - Jennifer Cammarata
  • Vice President - Morganne Foley
  • Treasurer - Kaley Lynch
  • Secretary - Nichelle Martin

2016-2017 Officers - Onslow

  • President - Brandy Wrenn
  • Vice President - Justin Gibson
  • Secretary - Karen Springfield
  • Treasurer - Hannah Heger
  • Activities Coordinator - Ashley Lee

Phi Alpha Application


The concept of a national social work honor society came from a group of undergraduate social work students at Michigan State University in 1960. Investigation revealed that local chapters existed at three schools. Those three schools, along with a few other schools, formed a National Honor Society Committee in November, 1960. For more than a year this committee worked on the constitution and other administrative matters. The name Phi Alpha and the symbols of keys were adopted from the local chapter which existed at Florida State University.

The constitution and formal organization was completed in 1962, and six chapters qualified to become "charter chapters." They were: Florida State University, Michigan State University, Ohio North University, Central State College, University of Dayton and the University of Tennessee. Over 243 chapters are now in existence, and the addition of new chapters is continuing.

The Student Social Work Organization

SSWO is open to all UNCW students who have an interest in participating and altruistic activities and learning more about the profession of social work. A small membership dues is required for membership.

The organization hosts activities that range from fund-raising for charities and participating in local service events.

2016-2017 Officers - Main Campus

  • President - Caitlin Josey
  • Vice President - Kaley Lynch
  • Treasurer - Morganne Foley
  • Secretary - Sophia Lopez
  • Special Officer - Jennifer Cammarata

2016-2017 Officers - Onslow

  • President - Isidro Carreno
  • Vice President - Megan Mengistu
  • Activities Coordinators - Mari Grimaldi, Charles Fisher
  • Treasurer - Amber Martin
  • Secretary - Kadeshia Johnson
  • Historian - Justin Gibson
  • Junior-Senior Liaison - Karen Springfield
  • Extension Campus Liaison - Kimberlee Pike
  • Floater - Nicholas Bailey

The Social Work Graduate Student Association

The purpose of the SWGSA as a part of the Graduate Student Association is to provide the students in the Masters in Social Work program with opportunities for extended learning and networking. The program is also open to any undergraduate students who may be interested in the organization. The SWGSA is designed to better connect the MSW program with other graduate school departments and to enhance the relationship of the School of Social Work and the general UNCW community and student body. The main objective of the SWGSA organization is to foster professional relationships within the MSW program and the UNCW student body as well as utilize our departmental resources to give back to the UNCW community.

2016-2017 Officers

  • President - Caitlin Lafferty
  • Vice President - Meghan Pruitt
  • Treasurer - Alison Miley
  • Secretary - Mycle Hopman
  • Class Representatives:
    • 2nd year full-time - Lauren Hurley & Ashley Eldridge
    • Part-time Onslow - Rosa Guerrero