School of Social Work

Extension Program Admissions

Generally, the Onslow Extension Program admits students into degree programs that are transferring into the Onslow Extension Program from other institutions or from the Wilmington campus. The first step, outlined below, is to apply to, and be admitted by, the University. UNCW will consider several aspects of your application in making our admission decision to the Onslow Extension Program. Please note that admission into the Onslow Extension Program does not guarantee admission into the School of Social Work. Your academic performance from all institutions you have attended is the largest decision factor.

Transfer Students

The information below regarding transfer student information can also be found on the UNCW Website at Transfer students are students that have graduated from high school or completed the General Educational Development (GED) test or an Adult High School diploma and are attending, or have previously attended, either a two- or four-year college/university may be considered for admission.

In order to be considered for admission at UNC Wilmington, a prospective transfer student under the age of 24 must meet North Carolina's minimum course requirements. If s/he does not, then the student would need to complete additional coursework to be considered for admission.

Students seeking information on transfer equivalencies from other colleges and universities may find the following links helpful.

  • The Transfer Guide for North Carolina Community Colleges provides a valuable source of information and course equivalents for students transferring from one of the 16 North Carolina Community Colleges.

  • For students transferring from schools, other than North Carolina Community Colleges, may find an unofficial evaluation of courses and credit in the UNCW Transfer Equivalencies database.

Minimum requirements for consideration for admission to the Onslow Extension Program:

  • Meet Minimum Course Requirements (for applicants under the age of 24)

  • Graduated from an accredited high school or have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or received an Adult High School Diploma

  • Eligibility to return to the last institution you attended

  • A cumulative 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale on all transferable work attempted from all institutions you have attended

  • At least 24 semester hours of transferable college-level coursework, including:

    • At least 6 hours of college-level English

    • At least 3 hours of college-level mathematics

Application to UNCW: When applying to the UNCW Onslow Extension site your first step in the application process will be to create an account on UNCW's application portal SeaLevel. Your SeaLevel account allows you to:

  • Create your profile and access UNCW's online undergraduate application

  • Receive admissions material

  • Receive important messages regarding you application status

  • When submitting your application, be sure to mark the "Extension" box and "Onslow County" and as your Entering Status

All applications for the UNCW Onslow Extension Site are processed through the UNCW Wilmington campus. Please have all transcripts from high school and any other college you have attended sent to the following address:

UNCW Admissions Department
601 South College Road
Wilmington NC, 28403-5904

Admissions to the UNCW Onslow Extension PSWK major

Admission of PSWK majors to the Onslow Extension Program BSW Program is limited to 40 students each fall. Below are the steps for admission as a PSWK major.

  • Prior to admission to UNCW, students should meet with a School of Social Work advisor on the Onslow campus to obtain information about the BSW Program.

  • Students apply to UNCW first. Students should check the Onslow Extension Program website to determine admissions deadline. Follow the steps above for admission to UNCW.

  • Students admitted to UNCW are reviewed by the Assistant BSW Program Coordinator soon after the application deadline has passed. Admission to the Onslow Extension Program BSW Program as PSWK majors are is based on a student's GPA from the transferring institution(s) and number of credit hours completed.

  • Admitted students also must meet the academic criteria noted above regarding completion of University Studies and Collateral required courses.

  • The top 40 students are invited into the PSWK major.

  • Students denied admission are contacted in writing to inform them of their options (i.e., attend Wilmington campus BSW Program or switch to a different major offered at the Extension Campus).