Take the UNCW Sustainability Pledge!


Can you have an impact on global warming and societal change? Definitely. Small efforts can add up to significant change. Be smarter about how you use energy. If every household would change out three regular light bulbs for three compact fluorescent light bulbs, it would be like taking 3 million cars off the road. Act now! Do simple things, like turning off the lights when you aren't using them, and using less water. But remember, sustainability isn't just about the environment - it's also about social justice and healthy economies!!

Take the online pledge!! All students, faculty and staff are asked to join together to make a sustainable difference by signing this pledge. It is meant to raise awareness about sustainability issues and encourage everyone to change and consider the environmental, social and economic impact of their daily decisions and choices.

I pledge to become an integral participant in the Sustainable UNCW program. I will consider the environmental, social and economic impact of my daily decisions and make every effort to reduce my ecological footprint. I will also share my individual sustainability efforts with others at UNCW.

Ways to Support Sustainability @ UNCW

  1. Turn off lights and use natural light
  2. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  3. Enable sleep settings on monitors/computers and turn off copiers, computers, printers, fax machines, etc, when not in use
  4. Turn off water when washing hands, brushing teeth and washing dishes
  5. Walk, bike or use public transportation to get to campus, lunches and meetings. If you drive to campus, leave your car parked once you arrive and use alternate transportation to get around on campus.
  6. Buy produce at farmers' markets. UNCW will be bringing a farmer's market to campus regularly in the near future.
  7. Reduce, reuse, recycle and RETHINK!
  8. Buy EnergyStar electronics and appliances.
  9. Purchase environmentally friendly products including recycled or sustainable forestry paper, nontoxic cleaning supplies, local food, etc.
  10. Educate yourself and others about your ecological footprint.
  11. Be respectful of everyone and treat people equally
  12. Use local products and support the local economy
  13. Volunteer in the community! Make a difference. For volunteer opportunities, check out the Center for Leadership Education and Service in the Fisher University Union.

Student Organizations - get your members involved in sustainability and sign the Student Organizations Sustainability Poster and display it proudly at your sponsored events.


Thank you for your interest in UNCW Sustainability. Check back often for updates.

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